My 11th +10 is here!

(Forgot to equip the proper seal in the first two screenshots lol)

So while my summoning for Sigurd has been pretty disappointing today with only one copy in 240 orbs (at least it was +ATK…), I do have a reason to celebrate today! I’ve finally managed to complete my Palla project and I’ve got to say she looks great with that +10 border. :fgo_ereshlove:

She becomes my 3rd merge project to reach +10 this year! Pretty mental that I got 8 +10’s in 2 years of playing and now in the span of 4 months I’ve got almost half the total, this could be the best year yet :feh_flaynsmile:


Good job!
And great skills too :heart:


Sophia looking really nice!
Good job!


Love seeing these new +10s! Great job :catclap:

tenor (2)


Thank you! There is no better counter to colorless foes ;) This build was orginally just supposed to be a “slow unit is fast” meme, but suprisingly it’s really effective lol

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