My 3T Hands and Doors universal farming team

Having reached bond 10 with all my battery servants (the two left are Helena Archer and Skadi awaiting materials), Arash, Nitocris Caster and more, I was looking for a universal team comp that would be able to 3T Hands and Doors easily, no disadvantage, no need to swap servants, no need to change the Mistic Code, fixed on Artic for a long time for obvious reasons :smiley:

After some reserarch in my servant and CE lists I came to this

Starting Members
Hokusai (NP2 10/10/10) with MLB Imaginary Element 75% NP
Amakusa boy (NP1 6/10/6) with Skope 80% NP
Chacha (NP5 10/1/6) with Skope 80% NP
Sub Members
Any servant for pure bonding and Bond/QP/other CEs
MC any

Hokusai S1+S2
Amakusa boy S2
Chacha S1
Hokusai NP (she gets 30% NP from S1)

Amakusa boy S3
Amakusa boy NP (he gets 20% NP per turn with S2 at level 10)

Chacha NP (she gets 10% NP per turn with S1 at level 10)

Never needed a facecard and never needed the Artic MC atk boost.

I’m using this comp lately and I really like it.

Nothing special, but I thought I could give an idea to others.


I made a thread along time ago talking about this, brings me back. You could check other peoples farming teams for new ideas too.

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I remember that, but I didn’t want to do thread necromancy :smiley:


Nice team :fgo_hokusaiwink:
I’ve tried using my Hokusai as well for ignoring class advantage during dead week farming, but at NP1 and with her Arts Buff not at max it’s inconsistent. I run the classic Arash, [insert anyone with Kaleidoscope] and Spartacus.

Arash is grailed to 80, so even if it’s a lancer mob, they get nearly obliterated by his ineffective damage. Kaleido-user and Spartacus get to full with Helena. If Helena were to reach max bond (one of these days), I can always Brilliant Summer + Ryouma (or Ozymandias, if he were to allow such disrespect :fgo_casgilworry:)

I’m pretty sure I will try something like this out once all my options are Bond 10 (Arash already there). Of course, it will be better once I get Samba Quetz this Christmas, since she’s also an AoE Ruler. Replacing Arash would make the process a bit faster since I don’t need to swap at all, making the backline purely for Bond Points.

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Really? looks up, but no battery. Would need mages over artic to replace Amakusa in the op’s comp.

Otherwise not a bad comp, I just only have np1 Hokusai and no Amakusa. I do like the idea, not that I’ve farmed doors or embers in ages thanks to lotteries


it was the same for me until last GudaGuda, then a bunch of new servants decided to come to my chaldea, Skadi consumed the last embers I had and I still have some waiting…

with the summer rerun coming in a few days and hoping to get NeroCaster NitoAssassin and NobuZerker I’m taking advanced of the 1/2 AP to gather some embers and QPs

I did farm a few embers, but more to test sieg looping than actual need. I don’t feel any rush to max all my spooks from skadi considering how much ember I’ll have to burn at Gilfest if I don’t have anyone left to level

I keep it simple
Arash/Spartacus/Merlin/Bunyan (whatever) all with Kscope.
If lancers are involved, Merlin uses 3rd skill on Arash (this reliably nukes lancers)
Else, Merlin uses 1st skill on Bunyan and Spartacus
Bunyan takes 2nd wave and Spartacus 3rd.
Cleanup whatever remnants with face cards specified after the NP.

This is much faster than gold NPs.

I lucked out, getting DSS up and running with only about 150k bond left before Nito hit max. I admit, I was sweating a bit. I already had to retire Arash, Waver, and Merlin, and Ishtar is reaching the home stretch pretty quickly, as well. I Fortunately, I have Helena Archer whose still pretty fresh, and Spartacus is leveled and ready to tag-in when needed. I am waiting until after I finish BBikini to raise anyone else, but Bunyun is a strong contender.

I got Lewd Nun in the GSSR, but even though she has a 50% battery, I hear nothing but “potato damage at NP1” about her. Same with BBikini, so I don’t know how effective they’d be for farming. Hopefully Applecat and Ice Cream Princess will buy me some time.

EDIT: Also, just finished my last 1/2 AP doors run of the anniversary. RIP easy QP…

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Kinda funny, we’re nearly opposites in terms of who is max bond. My primary Quick farmers are Astolfo and Lancelot, and they got maxed out way before Skadi released. At least Arash can rest easy though! for now

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Unfortunately, I am inexplicably turned-off by Lancelot’s aesthetics, so I doubt I will ever use him (I don’t care for Dantes either, unfortunately). I would LOVE to get Astolfo, though, and would enthusiastically use Best Apocrypha Boy, if I had a copy.

Rules are avoiding me ever since I started to play to I’m using this setup instead

Mordred and Okita got their 20% battery and it’s easy to get the 20% with Salieri 'cause of his Arts Card buff and the NP Charge from Fragment of 2004
And for Counter Nods I’m just slapping the NP Buff on someone and they’re normaly good

this reminds me that I really need to farm mats

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I always liked the whole “dark knight” look. Dantes is too edgy for me but I like his laugh when picking a command card.
Lancelot pretty much only gets brought out in DSS if Astolfo can’t overpower something, like high HP assassins, or if I’m lazy and don’t want to plugsuit.


Yeah, I get the appeal. I assume it’s similar to King Hassan (whom I also don’t care for).

I’ve never been a fan of the big, heavily-armored, knightly types. I have always preferred stealthy ninjas or agile archers. I’ve always liked characters that outwit and outmaneuver their foes, rather than wading into the battlefield.

And yeah, since I am used to dealing with middle school-aged kids, I find the “edgy nihilist” trope pretty exhausting at this point…

I take it that Archer/Assassin/Rider are your preferred classes?

Ironically, no, it’s Saber. But mostly because of Musashi and Nero, who are both quick, agile types. I’ve been a fan of Miyamoto Musashi (the actual historical figure) for most of my life, as I have always found samurai and martial arts really cool.

Also, you can never have enough badass chicks with swords. I love a confident, assertive, competent female character! (Shout-outs to Rin Tohsaka and Holo the Wise Wolf!)

But, gatling gun while riding a fighter! Come on! What’s not to love!


Bah! If I wanted jets and machine guns, I’d play Girls Frontline! (I presume, I don’t actually know anything about that game, beyond FGO YouTubers referencing it.)

Random image, Picture zerkerlot riding a tricycle and firing a Gatling gun.

Ok I will help myself out.



Best class in my opinion too.

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