My account is already two months old and I'm falling in love with this game more than FEH

Seriously, it makes me want to quit FEH. Even though I am a fan of Fire Emblem, FEH has very high stakes. Very terrible rates of summoning and all.

My DL account is already two months and I have a decent batch of 5* Adventurers:

Gala Mym

Xainfried (who i don’t use)

Wedding Aoi (got lucky with a ticket)



I just need tips now on saving wyrmite, because I’ll only summon in Gala banners.

You get wyrmite reading adventurer and dragon stories. Once you have your adventurers leveled up to where you can complete all the regular dragon trials and Imperial Onslaught, start getting adventurers you don’t use up to 21 mana circles to get wyrmite. Also, make sure you go to the Dragon’s Roost every day and level up your dragon bonds to 15 to get wyrmite. complete every mission on normal and hard without any teammates dying to get all the wyrmite. I know I had to go back and replay some missions from when I first started to fully complete them all.

Save your single pull tickets, and when you do pull on a banner, use 10 single tickets first to increase your odds slightly. Sometimes you’ll even get a 5* before you use all 10 single tickets. You only really need 3 smythwyrms for your castle, so you don’t need to spend wyrmite on the 4th and 5th one, unless you really want to. It’s very rare that I am able to earn enough resources to have 4 buildings upgrading at once, but early on it will seem like you are always using every smythwyrm.

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I spent wyrmite on a 4th Smithwyrm. With my contentment with my current lineup, I have about 1-2 focuses per element:








Veronica (I’m gonna start her after I MUB Marishiten with stones)



Haha same. I also started DL because of the FEH event and I play it SO much more now than FEH. Not that I want to quit, but still.

I find saving wyrmite way easier than saving orbs. In FEH there’s so many banners going on at a time, but here you only have like 3-4 banners a month. Plus, you get so much wyrmite just from events, quests, story clears, etc. that you accumulate it a lot faster than orbs IMO. Especially since you have a lot of 5* for every element it’s easier to save wyrmite for when you need it.

I quit a long time ago when I realized IS stopped listening to the player base. I can’t play a game where my time and resources are not being respected. DL on the other hand, is always taking feedback, always letting us know what’s going on, and always trying to add better QoL or bug fixes. The reason FEH dropped off for me was because of the triple gacha aspect of summoning. You have to get a right color orb in the wheel, you need to pull the unit you want, and you need the appropriate boon/bane. I literally quit when I pulled 2 -atk/+spd Halloween Jakob’s then proceeded to pull a +atk/-spd H!Sakura. After DL listened to us and removed wyrmprints from the banners, I knew Cygames was more concerned with maintaining an optimistic fan base then the money and that’s really hard to find in a gacha game.