MY AR-Defense Concept w/DC Seliph cause why not and Thrasir

Hi! I need help with this AR Defense concept that I came up with. It’s one of the best defense compositions that I’ve come up with (i think), and I’d like some thoughts on it. I want some tips or want to know how I could improve it, please and ty!
I’m currently Tier 18 and not trying to climb exactly, but don’t want to lose a lot of height either. I lose 80 height per season more or less. Can restore my rank with 1 win.


Strenghts (as for my thought process):

  • I have positioned everyone in such a way that i can have a triangle advantage if they engage through the heavy trap or the left side, which are the “main entrances”.

  • A lot of debuffs with Panic Manor and Bright Shrine, Micaiah’s B skill (Yune’s Whispers), Seliph Savage Blow and Sirius Atk Smoke + Savage Blow, so that Thrasir can wreck their debuffed asses.

  • Heavy Trap won’t debuff Seliph, cause he’s got 51 hp and Trap’s threshold is 50

  • Set-up a 200 IQ “trap”. They’ll probably bait Sirius with a Tank (prob. Green) so I gave Micaiah Harsh Command, since Sirius will probably be debuffed (most Atk + Spd total, low Res, etc.). Micaiah uses Harsh Command, L!Azura uses Gray Waves, 3 movement Micaiah kills the Tank. I felt so BIG BRAIN when I did this, and has worked most of the times. She then gets swapped by Seliph/Sirius.

  • Anima Season: i get -65 per defeat, by killing 3 enemies i only get -5 height.

Weaknesses (what i’ve figured out until now):

  • Dancers/Reposition: hit and run tactics by refreshing or repositioning

  • Top right side is easy to engage Thrasir and kill her.

  • AI sometimes is just dumb.

  • Heavily merged huge-ass BST monsters like W!Sothis: sometimes my team manages to defend but usually it gets rekt.

  • Green or red super strong units.

  • Haven’t thought of a Dark Season team, probably build around Yune as the Dark Season Hero and B!Ike w/DC and Null C and B!Lucina refines.


Main unit I built this setup around, strong and solid. Gets Atk +13 and Spd +13 if she initiates, +10 (5x2) Flashing Blade 4 dmg. Can Merge and Fodder her Swift Sparrow 3 as well.

Pretty strong as well, fits very well in the composition. Global debuffs with Yune’s Whispers, Ground Orders to Thrasir, the Harsh Command “trap”, Res tank, Armored effectiveness and extra Atk with Light of Dawn and the bunch of debuffs.

Legendary Azura:
Playing against a dancer is super annoying, especially if it’s GRAY WAVES. +1 movement trolls a lot of people, Prayer Wheel for extra buffs, Atk Tactic 3 +6 Atk buff, Guidance to troll as well. I have Wings of Mercy 3 as well as Fury 3, main changes i was thinking of. Can Merge her as well.

He’s pretty darn strong. Usually rekts anyone in a 1v1 if he’s solo, only weakness I can think of is his ultra-low Res. If solo, gets +10 Atk, +13 Spd, +7 Def and +4 Res. Gave him Atk Smoke 3 and Savage Blow to debuff the enemy team and setup Thrasir. I could give him Spd or Res Smoke, but I dunno.

I’m seriously doubting about this one. I could change him but I don’t know, he’s so funny. Built-in Miracle allows him to tank one or two hits (unless your name’s Ophelia Dusk) and maybe kill them with Reprisal/Luna/Vengeance (even have Ruptured Sky), i want to change his Special. Pretty bulky, good HP, Atk and Def, Vantage to troll while 1 HP, DC to, well, counter, Savage Blow to damage the enemy team and QR 3 combined with DC to kill the enemy who engages. Maybe could change Savage Blow to a Smoke Skill or his QR to Savage Blow. Or change him for another hero. I dunno.
Can Merge him as well to +10 but… it’s Seliph.

This is my team. Please help!!


holy text

My advice: don’t worry about your defense until you can have 6 units. Focus on offense


:smiley: lol ok thank you

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Np. You’ve obviously thought this through a decent amount and you’ll have more options with a 6th unit

You’re using Thrasir too so you shouldn’t lose much lift on defense. Once you got a good offense rolling you’ll be in tier 19 and then you can think more about a proper defense

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i can count the number of skills being used currently that you’ll ditch soon after hitting t21 on one hand and the units you’ll take off your defense on one finger (maybe 2).



A new user who can read and uses sub categories?


Just listen to TMFM, you dont need to actually worry about AR-D till like Tier 21 and above.
Im in Tier 17 currently and I just put up a random defence with no clue whatsoever.


To a certain extent, these guys are right about not worrying about defense… Much. You still should worry about it, because minimizing your loss boosts your potential to break into the tier 21 range (lose 50 on def and get 120 on offense, you’re only netting 70 gain… but lose 30 or 0 you’re instead netting 90-120.) That said, don’t invest too much rn when you’re not at your max potential.

And don’t worry about Seliph, the combo between reprisal, qr, and his miracle effect is brilliant, well done.

Just remember to layer your attacker’s range to ensure there’s no space only one of your units can hit (i.e. ensure Seliph, Micaiah/Thrasir, and Sirius can hit the same furthest square.) Do that and you’ll have much fewer issues.

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