My blind thoughts on Genealogy so far

I went back to Heroes for like 5 minutes and instantly deleted it because it didn’t hook me like it used to. Until Fates gets a new banner or Corrin becomes a Legendary or Anankos becomes a Mythic, consider me gone from Heroes, I think. But hey, I’ve been playing real Fire Emblems so that’s cool! If you don’t know, I’m currently playing the Jugdral games at the moment. I’m on the tail end of Chapter 3 so I know that means I’m halfway through Gen 1. So I want to share my thoughts so far since it’s the first time I’m playing Jugdral!

Honestly, I like it so far. It’s not amazing by any means in my opinion but it’s definitely solid. Way more ambitious and dark than most FEs so far and I really like the direction they’re putting this game in. I like that the inventory is expanded bigger than usual, I know the Tellius games do the same, and I like that most classes are different from what they usually are. I don’t remember troubadours being able to use swords right off the bat, Ethlyn has given a good hit with the light sword on more than one occasion. I also find it interesting just how many units you get in one chapter. I realize that each chapter is the length of 5 chapters in themselves but it’s cool that this game is as long as most FEs even though I believe (?) it’s only 10 chapters. The characters are great, there hasn’t been a character I haven’t liked. Unit wise, I seriously think everyone has something to contribute to the map. Yeah, some may lag behind more than others but I’m not about that 5 star rank run, I think it’s ok for everyone to catch up before facing a big squad. I think everyone is a good unit in themselves, even Arden. Once he gets in a fight, he’s actually a really good tank, I find, and essential to certain tank points. Everyone can help bring a group down, maybe all except… Dew and Lachesis. They’re kinda hot garbage in combat… Character wise though, I feel the characters are falling a bit short but I’ll harp more on that in the negatives. Story is good to but I feel it’s a little hard to follow at the start since there’s so much lore to Jugdral but again, I’ll say more about that in the negatives. I really really like kanto. Kanto is useful as all hell and I’m so glad it’s a thing. I find that everyone having individual gold instead of the army sharing a stockpile is very unique and cool, it really make you strategize on who gets what town or who gives money to who. Same for the town in general, I love that there’s no real preparation screen. The town is a cool spin on getting ready for battle even though the chapter has already started, that’s really cool. Same for units not dying in arena, thank the lord. And yeah, I think that’s all the positives for me so far!

But this game is far from perfect imo, it’s not even reaching my top 5 so far. Because it does have problems. I’ll probably just recite a bunch of known flaws to the game but here we go. Maps are too big, I think everyone and their mom knows that. But it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be so far, I thought it’d be SoV levels of bad maps but honestly, it’s a lot worse than I thought. But they’re still bad. Characters are more flat than I thought they’d be. Not that they are, no the characters of this game show character simular to their appearance in Heroes. But… I want more from them. People say it’s a great cast and I concede to that but I feel like I’m not getting enough of them. I thought they were all going to be deep and tragic characters torn by the war and they are, but I want more than what I got so far, you know? I’ve been impressed that the Genealogy characters are some of the best written in the series but so far it just feels like they present their story then you don’t hear about their story again. Am I making sense? Probably not but I hope I’m making some kind of point. Same for Jugdral’s lore, I personally feel like it’s a bit hard to follow at the start. Any Fire Emblem game is at first, sure. But Jugdral just feels… Harder, you feel me? Maybe it’s just me but I’m sure I’ll get it in time. The inventory, while I like it’s size, I absolutely hate that you can’t trade at all in this game, least as far as I know. What is Ayra supposed to do with a Barrier Ring? Take one more hit from a fire before getting taken out next turn by another fire? Wow, great. Like, why can I not trade weapons and equipment, I don’t understand. I thought the storage in the castle was a way to trade since the stuff you put in goes in storage but no, it’s only storage to a single unit so what’s the point? The storage system is completely pointless in my opinion and I really hate the fact I can’t trade in this game.

There are probably more negatives but those are the big ones. But I’m liking the game far more than I’m hating it. Love it? Mmmm, not to sure of that chief. I might even think it’s overrated if it doesn’t get better than this. But still, I definitely like it.

And yeah those were my thoughts on Genealogy. Hope you enjoyed the read, I guess :p