My Boy, Roy, is Done

And yay, “Mr. Idunn Blocker” is fully merged. Still don’t have a legit build yet though

I feel like I’m obsessed with brazen builds. :thinking:
Oh well, this makes him my fourth +10. :feh_royyes:


Feel like this is better on Altina/ Laslow than Roy, run steady breath, close defense, guard

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Honestly, same here. Brazens are some of the best skills to have ever been introduced to Heroes in my opinion.

Surprised you went with a defense boon though. Seems like most people prefer a speed boon for him.


I didn’t have a speed boon. :feh_elisad:

Out of the copies I had it was either a def, res, or hp boon and I just went with what would have worked best.

Roy you say?

Same dragon flowers
Aether is mostly there for scoring.
Didn’t know he had a superboon in Def


Can’t say the same thing here though that’s probably because my Nino (the only one I use that has one now) both never gets hit without dying and doesn’t have Fury on her.

@RoyAhoy my boy

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+Def is a tasty asset though, specially in high Arena/AA where he may be fighting speed demons or slow armors that could force a double anyway.

I currently use two builds for him: (1) DC in all modes except AR, and (2) FB in AR Offense, where he is meant to kill melee armors and dragons.



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