My brave banner final haul & some irl stuff

Remember that thread I made some days ago complaining about the brave banner?

Turns out that hero fest had even more pity breakers to throw at my face :feh_selkiepout:

This are the 5* I got, in order of appearance:
→ Lethe (+def -hp)
→ Luke (+res -def)
→ F! Celica (+spd -def)
→ Mia (+spd -hp)
→ Tibarn (+hp -atk)
→ Mia (+res -atk)
→ Saber (+atk -res)
→ B! CELICA at long last (+spd -hp)
→ B! Celica (+hp -atk)

Actually, those 5* weren’t within my last 50 orbs (only Mia and Tibarn were) I was just so frustrated and determined to get a Celica out of this banner that I ended up sinning buying orbs :feh_eirikabulli:
I’m glad because +spd was the IV I wanted for her (and that last circle gave an extra merge!) but that doesn’t change that fact that this has been almost catastrophic. Hero fest banners are supposed to have boosted appearance rates, yet still this happened :feh_tooobin: right now I barely have 11 orbs and I no longer know what to do, I’m not even sure about pulling for L! Celica on April, I don’t want to go through this again :feh_sharenacry:

I know those are a lot of 5*, but does the amount of pitybreakers count if some of them are useless anyway? (Still thankful for the Tibarn and F! Celica. Lethe is nice but not as good fodder as the first one) (Also what should I do with this Mias? I already had one so I now have a total of three, one of them with perfect IVs and I’m not planning to get her refine or +10 her, should I merge them or keep them as FB fodder to save up some feathers?)

More than sad I’m pissed and disappointed, it wasn’t a bad session per se, but my plan was to just pick a copy of her and keep saving for her legendary alt ;-;

Moving on to something else, I’m visiting France with my classmates! Right now we’re on our way and I’m quite hyped! Do you have sone kind of advice about what to do there or something to try out? :feh_hridexcited:


I’d count it. :eyes:

Could’ve gone worse, at least it worked out in the end. Have fun in France. :feh_legion:


Really ? That’s so cool ! Where will it be ?

Amuse-toi bien là-bas :feh_birbpeek:


Oof, that’s rough. How many orbs was that?

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Thanks! :feh_catria:

We’re visiting La Rochelle, Dinan, Caen and staying the last three days in Paris :feh_nino:


Hmmm probably around 300~350 though I’m not sure as some of those were BHB and TT orbs I quickly grinded and spent almost right away :feh_eirikathink:


That’s nice places to visit ! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay there !

(Oh, and don’t forget to try out the baguette, the croissants and the pain au chocolat, it would be a shame to miss that)


Well that doesn’t seem too bad. A pretty decent haul, even if you didn’t get much of Celica :feh_elisad:


Also going to France? Sounds fun! I went a few years ago as a school field trip. Went got to go to the ceremony for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. It was incredible.

The trip

We spent about a whole day traveling, first to Boston (from here in Halifax) and then a layover in Munich. Then finally to Amsterdam where we spent about a day. Did a little tour of there, it was neat. We then went to Yippres (I think I’m spelling it right) and got to see the Last Stand ceremony they do every night in honor of the people who fought there during the war. That was neat. We then went to Vimy Ridge itself for the ceremony the next day. That was incredible. Our prime minister (Troudo) was there, France’s was and I think the Prince of Wales too. We also got to actually go up on the cenotaph the following day. That was cool. It’s quite big, and you can see for miles up there. You can really understand why it was such a valuable strategic position during the war. We also went to Beaumont Hammill (a sad place because a a bunch of Newfoundlanders were completely wiped out there) and a few seaside towns whose names I can’t remember. They were really nice and pretty though. We went to some military cemeteries too. We also briefly visited Juno beach in Normandy, but we didn’t have much time there unfortunately. We ended the trip with a few days in Paris. We could choose different things to do around there. I went to the catacombs, the Louvre and also to Versailles. And of course the Eiffel Tower on the last night. Then the last day was spent traveling back. It was an incredible opportunity, probably one of the most amazing things I’ve had the chance to do.

Also a neat side note about the Vimy part was that I was in Air Cadets at the time (junior military thing). Our squadron? Vimy squadron. A few other members of the squad also went on the trip, so we brought the squad flag and got some pictures of us with it at a few places. That was neat.


That sounds so cool! We’re also visiting some places related to the war but not half as much as you got to see. Still, it does look good :feh_nino:

Checked it up and...

We’re visiting point du Hoc, Omaha beach and an American graveyard the sixteenth and the memorial the following day

Also, we’re going by bus and we’ve been here for a while and that’s why I created the thread


Yeah that’s how we got around. Obviously we went to places more significant to Canada. It was quite the trip.

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Congratulations on your haul! Some of us are stuck at 7% on that banner, so getting “useless” five stars is better than sinking in 120 orbs for nothing. :'3

And have fun in France!!! Make sure to get a baguette and say wui-wui a lot! :D


Really nice ! Be sure to buy a “Tradition” instead of a baguette, I can guarantee you it’s 10x better :D Paris is a really nice city to visit, you have a lot a things to do. If you like art you can try to go to the Louvre, there’s an exposition about Leonard de Vinci, it seems quite nice. There’s also “Beaubourg”, a Modern art museum in the “Marais” (it’s the lgbt neineighborhood of Paris, and in the center too). If you’re minor/you’re an european student, most museum are free btw !
Food-wise, be sure to try a french patisserie at least once, we’re quite good at baking sweets :p
If you have time, around Bastille there’s a street with a lot of video games/mangas shops, if you’re into that :) . And just wandering in Paris is nice, I like to do that when I have some free time.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy your trip :D
Amusez-vous bien :)

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Yes! I had heard that and was quite intrigued in that regard, I’ll finally get the chance to test that for myself! :feh_deltheayes:

I also intend to go to a library at some point, I’d like the French edition of some of my favorite titles and I’ve heard French manga is relatively cheap :feh_catria:

Je devrais parler en français mais j’ai beaucoup de la honte :feh_flaynconcern:

If you’re looking for books, you can try to go in the Saint-Germain-des-prés neighborhood, it’s really pretty and you have a lot of different libraries (I don’t remember the name, but you have a really nice one with a cat wandering inside, it’s near the Seine). And you have “Gibert jeune” and “Boulinier”, 2 really really bigs libraries that sells second-hand books and new ones too.

Don’t be ashamed, it’s always really cool to see someone learn french :D !! You can do this !!

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Thank you so much! It’s much easier for me to find this things when I can look up names and locations on the internet rather than ‘nice libraries in Paris’
Hopefully I’ll check them out when I have some spare time :feh_birbpeek:

Your welcome, always happy to help :) They’re not the most beautiful library in Paris, but they have a lot of stuff there! And the neighborhood is really really pretty, it’s near Notre Dame, with old buildings and monuments, I hope you’ll like it :D

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