My Camelot post but it's the whole thing

(ANOTHER MISSCLICK. I swear to god I can’t use my keyboard.)

I finally finished Camelot, it was a pain in the ass but not as much as I thought it would be. I guess it’s because unlike some players who rushed through the story, I kinda took my time doing daily quests to lvl up my servants / that or there were times when I just didn’t play at all. I’ve been around since a bit before the previous free 4* servants sr ticket event so that makes me really slow I guess…

ANYWAY, I wanted to share my thoughts about it because why not ?

Those are the servants I pretty much mostly used btw :

(Also Archer of Inferno and Parvati NP 2 but not often)

I know it’s not that good compared to many setups I see on the site but hey, I’m getting there (leveling skills is probably the most annoying thing to do in the game).
Also fun fact : I STILL don’t have enough medals for Lancelot’s ascension haha cries and remembers that I picked Tristan with my ticket so I need even more medals so cries harder .

Edit : I wrote this yesterday so I spent my morning farming and finally got enough for Lancelot, however now I need ONE dragon reverse scale and holy crap I don’t even know for how long I’ve been doing the expert rider node but god help me.

Putting that aside, let’s talk about the topic in question :

I feel like people kinda overhyped Camelot ? I mean not that it’s not good, but it still has elements that I don’t really enjoy like in the other singularities. However it did feel less cheesy thanks to the Bedivere / Artoria relationship which is thankfully one of the main points of the story.
Well before talking about them, I’ll start with the other characters.

Sanzang / Touta :

A really cute duo, nothing really special about them but they didn’t annoy me. They are the usual side characters that are sometimes a bit fun and sometimes they say stuff that seems a bit deep and then they die and Tristan plays the violin. Still made me appreciate them more as characters and if Sanzang wants to spook me one day, please do.

The Hassan squad :

Definitely some of my favorite side characters of all the singularities… I just think they’re neat. I only knew CA Hassan from the first HF movie (haven’t watched the second yet) so I was a bit on the fence for obvious reasons, I mean just look at my profile. However the dude ended up being such a sweet little man, too bad we didn’t have more about his backstory especially since he was from the era of the singularity.
Then HP Hassan, she’s probably the most underrated one compared to Serenity and boy, if you don’t appreciate those abs then it’s your loss. :feh_navarreculture: Fate/Zero did her dirty.
Ofc Serenity is the cutest one, and I’m not really into the cute-type characters but she’s just adorable, 10/10 would hug her if it wouldn’t destroy me. Well I’d probably hug her anyway.
Overall seeing them fight to protect their people showed a new side of the Old Men of the Mountain we’re used to which was pretty refreshing.
And then there’s First ‘Doth mother know you weareth her drapes’ Hassan. How can a man be so cool while doing absolutely nothing ? Just him being there is enough, 10/10 for killing the poor French girl that I am with his old ass english. Can’t wait for the movies to see him against Gawain.

Arash :

Well nothing really special about him, I still like him cause this man deserves everything. I was hoping for Ozy / Arash interactions so a bit disappointed… but yeah, also insert Stella joke .

Ozy and Nitocris :

Nito is being a tsundere, Ozy is being Ozy, once again nothing caught my attention. I did like their last moment but they weren’t present enough in the story for me to be really sad about it. They’re still really cool servants so it was nice to see them.
ALSO that whole thing with Ozy’s head being cut off freaked me out in the beginning, I felt like I was playing DDLC or something.
Expected Ozy to be stronger too.

Mashu :

While I’m not a big Mash fan because she isn’t my type of character, I did appreciate her growth here. I already knew about Galahad so no surprise here and the Lancedad / Mash interactions were pretty cute (blushing Lancelot was too much for my heart).
That new NP animation though >>>>


The Crackheads of the Round Table :

  • Tristan was such a son a of witch lol, but I don’t mind at this point. I don’t even know why I love him so much, the memes ? The eyes ? The hair ? The voice ? That one summer outfit ? I don’t know anymore. Also one of the weakest boss of Camelot with Lancelot and Ozy. But on a more serious note, since Tristan couldn’t stand Arthur’s original behavior (the one Iskandar described in Zero, her martyr-like side), I guess he appreciated her new ideals ? I mean for someone who accused her of not understanding the human heart, he seemed pretty down with her Goddess version who distanced herself even more from humanity. But at least she lost her idealistic, naive side and opted for a more radical way of “saving” her people which doesn’t end up with her dying alone in the forest; so there’s that.

  • I expected a bit more about Mordred and her relationship with her dadmom but I guess for someone desperate for her father’s attention, she got what she wanted in a way. Lancetoria wouldn’t reject Mordred as she is a valuable knight and ally worthy of carrying her plan and it’s kind of what Mo wanted despite her said “treacherous nature”. A bit of a pain in the ass to fight against but not the worse though… I mean the last fight was still really annoying.
    [Also maybe they didn’t do much with her because she was already one of the main allies in London so I can understand.]

  • The chad Gawain. Ok not much to say about what he did or say, he didn’t really stand out to me. I mean like Lancelot and Bedivere he also felt really guilty about Arthur’s demise; not only did he not see the pain his king was going through but he also ■■■■■■ up by not letting Lancelot join the Battle of Camlann so double guilt. But because he cares more about the King as a King a not a person (not that he doesn’t care about her feelings and stuff but it’s just a bit different), he chose to stand up by Arthur’s side even in her state in the Singularity. I guess to him, redemption comes by protecting and assisting her no matter what, because it’s what he failed to do before.
    Definitely the most annoying one to beat but nothing an SQ can’t stop haha cries a bit . 10/10 for being really hot though.

  • Ok so I may sound biased when it comes to Lancelot since he has always been my favorite knight of the round table (even outside of FGO) BUT I do believe that he’s the most interesting one aside from Arthur. He carries a similar guilt to Gawain’s and Bedivere’s except it manifests differently (with his Berserker side) and although this aspect isn’t shown here, we can see how his deep love and loyalty for his King are still the reason why he’s always torn apart. Lancelot always wanted to be by his King’s side so it’s not surprising he was going along with her in the beginning but he was also the only one who really felt wrong about her current state, which makes sense as he originally decided to join her because of her strong and lawful convictions. And he himself knows what it’s like to go rogue and regret your actions as it’s easy for someone to lose sight of who they are until it’s too late.

I was sweating for a second ngl.

  • Sooo Agravain… I don’t really hate him even if he did sound pretty trashy sometimes, at the end of the day he still deeply cares about his King and his final scene with Arthur made me a bit sad. He has a shitty evil mother and kind of often acts like a pro-evil dude but it didn’t prevent him from developping strong and pure feelings for Arthur like most of the other knights, so respect.
    ALSO AGRAVAIN SERVANT WHEN ? I mean that SOB killed Lancelot off screen so he must at least be a 4 stars or I riot.

AND FINALLY. I will talk about Bedivere and Arthur, both of them because I can’t really talk about one without the other here.

I’ve never considered myself to be a big fan of Artoria, especially in a waifu way. I do prefer the Prototype version and not just because he’s a husbando, but his personality and the way he acts are a bit different and more similar to how I imagine Arthur in general.
However there are things I really like about her concerning her fate and tragic life :
First in Fate/Zero, she was at this point extremely naive and idealistic in a way not that different from her master; only the means they were willing to use were what made them not go well with each other. At the end she got a big L and that scene of her in the battlefield at the end where there was no one left was so damn sad (why was Fate/Zero so good, why can’t we have another Fate anime like that ?!). She understood at this point that nothing good would come out of her reign, which is something devasting to realize for any kind of leader and decided that she should have never become the king.
Then we got Fate/Stay Night, and … I mean even her good ending isn’t happy here. I don’t know about the HF route’s ending but I’m pretty sure it would end up in a similar way since the Grail is still shit no matter what. She gets back to the aftermath of the Battle and asks Bedivere to get rid of the sword (remember when we thought Bedi was a chick at the end of the first Fate anime because of that scene ??) and then it’s Avalon time.

So then comes the alternative : Bedivere can’t bring himself to let her die and doesn’t throw the sword away. The fact that his biggest sin was that he wouldn’t let the person he cared the most about die makes me feel terrible for him. Add to that the years he went through looking for her, unable to die and exhausting his body to the point he couldn’t even move anymore until he became a living statue standing there, in pain. At least Merlin was here to help and I have to say, I actually had tears in my eyes reading the whole discussion between Bedi and Merlin. I don’t know why I felt it so much, the music REALLY didn’t help me, probably the saddest soundtrack of the game especially in this context.
Meanwhile Artoria lost her humanity (NINGEN WO YAMERU ZO) and with Rhongomyniad, she became the shell of her own dream, the dream of protecting her people. So because of that Bedi still had a job to finish, the end of a long journey awaited him and he threw himself in it because he knew that it was the right thing to do, as the weight of everything the King became was on his shoulders. He never was the bravest nor the strongest knight but he had to become it; because he was scared of letting her go, he had to bear the fact that he let her become something that was against everything she stood for before.
And that’s pretty damn cool, I mean not for them but as a story, I really liked it.

I’m also thinking about the different ways both Bedivere and Gawain chose to atone for their “sin” : Gawain didn’t protect her enough so he chose to never do something that would go against her benefits and put her life at risk again, and Bedi maybe protected her too much and understood that sometimes things had to come to an end for everyone’s sake.

At the end of the day, Camelot was good. I mentioned it being overhyped because when people keep talking about something, it just sometimes gives you unreachable expectations I guess. So I would have probably enjoyed it more if I went in without any prior knowledge or opinions about it.
But still definitely the best singularity ! I think the other one I like is Okeanos because of the adventurous and carefree vibes it has, pirates are just so cool in fiction. (Blackbeard was trash though, would have enjoyed it more with a different villain. Also too bad Bartholomew wasn’t there yet).

WOW that was way too long, I don’t know if people even care but I really wanted to write about it. Maybe some completely disagree with me but that’s how I felt about Camelot. :fgo_megane:

PS : I know the whole “sorry for my bad english” is a meme at this point but still, I want to apologize for my poor vocabulary and grammar mistakes.

CONCLUSION : I’ll probably grail my Saberlot


Actually, I believe it’s stated that after the Knights of the Round killed each other, removing the ones that refused to follow the Lion King, Tristan was so distressed he practically became catatonic. So when she was handing out her Gifts, she gave him one of Reversal that not only reversed his weaknesses into strengths (hence poison immunity and class resistance to Lancers) but also reversed his emotional state from completely overwhelmed with emotion to emotionally dead and uncaring.

I’m glad you enjoyed Camelot, though! I especially liked your observations on Bedivere vs Gawain with respect to how they handled Arturia then and now. I think Camelot really dives deep into emotional complexity in a great way.


Oh thanks for clarifying that, it makes more sense ! I don’t how I missed it, I must have been tired and didn’t pay attention while reading that part.

Thank you, yeah this Singularity really handled some of its characters well and I hope I can expect the same from Babylonia~.

Camelot is what made me fall in love with Arash, Sanzang, and Bedi and CAH (really all of the Hassans but CAH the most). Really, pretty much everyone was A-S-tier for me with only a few being less-good and only by contrast (like Agravain a B and Touta a B). The matter of the Gifts was particularly fun as well, right in my wheelhouse.

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