My caving decision to make a dolphin purchase was clutch!

Staring at my beautiful +4 F!Kris and my 14 orbs, I had a weak moment. I decided to yolo my 14 orbs to try for 1 more merge.

Behold, the not-Kris insane luck!

First circle, one blue and dip. Second, 2 blues and score. Needless to say, who could be mad at Mici showing up? I’m sure not! And +Atk/-Def too. I think I’ll make a budget DB3/Desperation/Ardent sacrifice build for instant doubles between 50-75% HP! And Ophelia is premium Rally Up Atk+ fodder.

So my weakness occurs here, with me having exactly $40 of BDay iTunes balance remaining: I buy a forma pack - which isn’t horrible cuz I don’t have any more souls left - courtesy of VIke, HFMici, and WEirika ehem I have my faves.

2 5 orb pulls and dip later, supreme luck!

24 orbs total ppl, and 3 fabulous girls. I feel like a pimp, jk haha!

I guess this is retribution for going 250+ dry at 5.5% before obtaining my +4 copy of Kris!

Now only 5 more on her repeat in March. Thank you for sharing in this crazy fortunate RNG joy.


Congrats on the +5 Kris!

Gib the two not-Krises :fgo_wow:


Haha. Well, if you have a Kris to trade, as much as I like these girls, they’re yours sorry Mici


Congrats!! Your Kris looks amazing so far (and also looks pretty scary to some of my main units lol)

I’m sure she’ll be even better after getting merges from her rerun :feh_flaynsmile:


Thanks man! I dolphined lol. I mean, the nice thing is I have 50 orbs from the forma pack to save away now lol. Definitely didn’t try again cuz I doubt that luck will be repeating.

And she is crazy… in GC, she stood her ground to so many amazing units and mulled them. Her and my +10 Ashnard. He was surprisingly the wall no AI went for and that brick just survived to the end so many times helping lull an AOE -9 Atk/Def within 2 spaces of him for all his allies when huddled around the main fortress. Was really funny.


Your main boy FIke (has me jelly btw) is really scary. Probably not scary to Kris cuz of colour, but yeah many of my other units for sure.


I do :feh_morganagrom:


If trading was a thing! You could have them both for 1 FKris. :catdance:


Congrats! :fgo_ereshwoah:

She’s already looking great, good luck on her rerun :feh_flaynsmile:


Your Kris looks amazing and I hope you have fun with her :feh_flaynsmile:


24 orbs, 3 5-stars

my luck on mirabilis and more banner be like:


Haha yeah man. That was crazy for sure.

And thanks everyone. Kris is really fun to use. A great character. This will be my first season using her in Astra since deciding to build her. But I made calcs against Thrasir abs even a +10 Thrasir +Spd dies to my Kris. Unless she has heavy team support that is.

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Ah and here is Mici project #2. Very budget but 75 Atk PP no merges??? And 63 EP. 43 res both phases, forced doubles when above 50% hp. DR against range units of all kind both phases. She has a great refine.

After one ardent sacrifice, I can insta double for the KO so many units it’s scary. And that’s unmerged.


She looks amazing as well! :feh_micaiahsmug: Hmm, this build looks scary pretty fun. This is making me want to do something similar with my neutral +1 Micci once I get around to refining her… :feh_kleinyes:

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Yep. I’d recommend it. My maxed out Mici is deadly, this lady is pretty scary too and fun. If you’re a fan of Ike and don’t mind Mici, this is super budget as odd Atk wave and even are free now. But very effective.

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Yeah the kris’s are insane

Neutralizing penalties is such a good effect

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I checked my fodder reserves and sadly I don’t have any of the resources necessary for this build. I haven’t seen a Shanna in months. :feh_ikecry: And Odd Atk Wave food is on a seasonal sword unit that I grailed 3 of already :catroll:
So sadly my Micci will still have to use her magic tank build for now.

Thanks for the build idea though, will definitely use it once I get the fodder :feh_flaynsmile: It sounds extremely fun to use with all those attack buffs and the forced double.

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Make sure you run those calcs with killing intent active though(lower her hp a bit)

Kris is immune to KI’s penalty activation condition but KI also procs if foe is <100% hp

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Darn, I wish I could share some cuz I have so many. Do you send units home at all? I am a never send any units home person. So I have hoards of manuals. I could +10 at least one character just off all the feathers from my manuals alone lol.

@Z-Man yeah dude, I made sure KI and prf were active, and she does not live. My Kris gets to 69 spd with no way besides lulls to lower it on both phases - pp if enemy’s hp is 100%. so Thrasir doesn’t stand a chance. Cuz even if she was +Spd +10, that’s 48 spd I think, then SS2 seal, prf, KI, that’s 13, so 61, I still double unless she has more team support.


I figured just wanted to make sure

But the real question is

can she tackle @umbriel’s pet goat?