My checklist for units this year

+10 Gunnthra? In the works
Gerik and Tethys? In the game now.
Shannan? A very unexpected but very welcome addition.
Rath? Finally in.

This year, I’m hoping either Stefan or Forrest get in. Stefan would be the one sword unit other than Shannan I’d build and I’d love use Forrest.

What about you guys?


Basically just them


My checklist for this year:

  • +10 L!Lucina? WIP.
  • Rinkah getting in? Probably going to happen.
  • B!Eirika becoming a thing? Big fat nope.

+10 H!L’Arachel : I’m at +8, not bad.
+2 Eyvel : I hate red
+3 Orsin : the only axe unit I enjoyed in any fire emblem games.

I want Brigid, Dew and the Ashen Wolves.


My checklist just stops at +10 Tailtiu if I’ll ever get that last merge. :feh_elisad:

Jokes aside, all I want is OG Charlotte and lance infantry Dimitri. Please IS.


Quit spending orbs on banners for unnecessary fodder.

Save said orbs for 9 copies of S!Laegjarn.
Save orbs after that for 4 more H!Sakura.


How i imagine IS feels about my checklist.


Save orbs for a H!Sakura


Checklist not in the game

  • Shura, Dieck, Mitama, Heather and Brigid are on my Top 5 most wanted units
  • Refines for L’Arachel, DC weapons and Staff units

Checklist for existing things

  • Make progress on merge projects. Getting my first copies of Echidna and Altena soon would be a nice start

  • Get Fjorm to +10., I’m dreading this one the most because her Blue sharing has sucked lately and Legendary banner sniping is bad enough on its own

  • Get a few passive merges for L!Lucina and Tibarn

  • Make progress on my all Bows team

  • Get the final 7 copies of NY!Anna at the end of the year


+10 Adrift Mikoto (IS you better ■■■■■■■ demote her in april i s2g)
+10 Gunnthra (please stop pairing her with seasonals and Legendary fkn Lyn)
+10 Cecilia.

Additionally, I like IS to add Orochi into the game. Everyone else I want in at this point doesn’t matter, Orochi’s chances just get worse and worse as the game gets older.


Flash fodder for Sakura please!(but after I fodder one to Sakura and I get a new one I’ll actually use her)

Setting yourself up for disappointment

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I hate everything on this list but miriel and laurent

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C’mon we all play FEH we already know we’re gonna be disappointed.

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I make an exception this one time since I have a copy of Legendary Lyn and I’ve wanted to build her since I started playing.

Though I feel like green is better this time around than it was last time Gunnthra was available. A bad seasonal and a 4* star wasn’t a fun pairing XD

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I plan to get Finn to+10(please give him a prf brave lance) and please add Benny, Percy, or gatekeeper :feh_ardenwoke:


i’d like to +10 edel and brave edel

here’s to hoping

Hoping for Sephiran, Stefan, Geneaology alt banner. I hope Jeritza gets in, but at this point it might be too early for 3H minor characters.
Get L!Julia merges, I guess. She’s already so good at nuking, not sure whether if I should +10 her.
+10ing Saias and Seliph after finishing with my current projects.


Jeritza would be the first time Dio Brando appears in Fire Emblem Heroes. :D

Checklist for units I want added:

  1. Ashnard

  2. Anyone from Tellius not in the game

  3. Alts for anyone from Tellius

  4. Farina (likely RIP cause Fiona is in the spot that could have been her on the new banner)

  5. Cecil

  6. Melody