My checklist for units this year

  • Get those last two copies of L!Tiki for the merge project. Thankfully I have time to save up
  • Get one more Reyson to merge up. So close…
  • Nab myself a Halloween Dozla to fill out the Justice Entourage! All that’s left to get until Rennac or normal Dozla is added
  • Yune and Leanne so I can forget about ever working on either of my AR Defenses
  • Merges for Keaton and Halloween L’arachel. Maybe Yarne too.
  • More Norne, L’arachel, and Mordecai copies to merge up
  • Soiree Berkut for Rinea to get the duel skill
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Yet somehow Kronya already got in, and she feels so minor given she shows up for like 5 minutes, does one thing, then dies.

Indeed. IS probably just put her in because they didn’t want to release other students just yet.

I’ve been updating my list where I put all the units I’m looking forward to get/merge:

But to put it short: +10 Idoun, +10 Kagero, maybe get Altena and B!Lucina on the last of the three [Hero Fest] banners or the [Weekly Revival]


+10 Marth: still waiting on last copy

+10 Caeda: just finished yay!

+10 Catria: nope haven’t even started lol

+10 Beruka: also haven’t started

+10 Lachesis: god she’ll be in the waiting line for a long time

+10 L!Marth: can’t afford the orbs anyways

A single Claude: nope can’t afford

Fodder wise:


R duel flying

Panic/pulse smoke would be nice too

New unit wise:


And that’s it

Jk of course not. You thought I could stop ranting for a single moment. Ignorant fools

Marianne as non demote non grail unit

EDIT: lol just summoned that Claude I wanted on my alt account


Merge wise:
+10 Sakura - I just need two more plz IS why can’t I get her

+10 Beruka - Only +2

+10 Eirika - Also only +2

+10 Lilina - +1 right now, probably my next project

+10 F!Delthea

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Stuff I want in the game this year
Likely: Bernie (might try to +10), Felix, Marianne, Nyx
Possible: Forrest, Gregor, Shamir
Unlikely: Basilio, Joshua alt

Stuff that’s out already that I want
Finishing L’Arachel and Ross merges, finishing a fair few builds on my favourite units, get and merge up Rath.

Yeah that’s pretty much it.


I want to get some merges for my

Mercedes -1
Altena -1
Seliph +1
Ares +1
Soren +9 (Just one more)
Tethys -1
Eirika (+Atk plleeeaaaasee)

other than that?
I am still waiting for

and Maybe Flayn and Yuri

If we get Pelleas or Sephiran I will hopfully be able to +10 them. And if seteth is a demote he will be +10 as well. If brave Dimitri is not armored, I may consider to +10 him as well.

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For this year, units I plan to build/finish building :

  • Make my first +10 5stars exclusive, probably Brave Dimitri :feh_dimitrismug:
  • +10 Python
  • +10 Echidna
  • +10 Mercedes

Units I want in the game :

  • Every Blue lions member , but with at least some of them as 4 stars, my orbs won’t survive otherwise (come on IS, Ashe, Felix, Dedue or Annette as a 4 star, pretty please ?)
  • Seteth/Shamir/Jeralt as grail units
  • Pretty gurlz ?
  • Basically all of the FE3H cast ? (sorry not sorry I luv them)
  • Mila as a mythic hero

Other :

  • M!Morgan refine so I can start to think of a decend build for him…
  • Soleil refine, coz why not