My Curiosity of Arcade and why don’t we ever get what it gets

Seeing as they haven’t even reached EoR yet I was thinking, what if they went with different Pseudo-Singularities

If they did, what exactly would replace which

I was also thinking…

What if their GudaGuda 3 has a different Welfare?

Instead of Ryouma it’s Mitsuhide, instead of Okita Alter it’s Nobbu Alter

Since their taking a different plot direction, what if they do the same with events…

I’m probably just being crazy here but I do hope Proto-Merlin gets added with LB6 so they can start killing Arcade Memes too

I don’t know what do y’all think, do you think I’m crazy or do you think that I’m onto something…

Babylonia could be completely replaced maybe with an Amaterasu centric Japanese Singularity

Gah I need to stop I’m hurting my brain

To fix your problem just stop thinking about it.

And we got Rider Da Vinci, but better

Who is, Castoria right?

Also Ryouma does BIG numbers

What are you talking about Dear?

I was talking about Da Vinci Rider, she was first a servant of Arcade and then we got her on the normal Fgo on the 4th anniversary.

And why are you bothering yourself with thinking that haven’t even happen

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That’s funny, Is she still a Loli on Arcade?

Is Da Vinci Rider, she is little Vinci

That’s funny

I hope I’m right about Proto Merlin…

I swear I will riot if Maxwell gets into Arcade before Mobile

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