My Current Fire Emblem Heroes Wishlist

This is just a wishlist for what I want from Fire Emblem Heroes in terms of characters. Like who I want to be added to the game, who I want to get an alt, who I want to get to +10, and so on. Here´s what it currently looks like:

Debut: Nyx (I want her to be added to Heroes more than any other character.)
Special: Sonya (I just want her to get any type of alt.)
Duo: Deirdre and Julia (It would be nice to see a mother and daughter combo as a Duo Hero.)
Legendary: Adult Tiki (I wish that she got the same amount of love as Young Tiki.)
Mythic: Rhea (I have no idea who else could become a Mythic Hero except for Ashera. This is definitely possible since Sothis is a Mythic Hero.)
GHB/F2P: Charlotte (I would be nice to have the OG Charlotte in Heroes. Though I would prefer having her be a regular unit so she could have IVs.)
Pref/Refine: Ryoma (I think that the older DC weapons need refines and I am pretty sure that Raijinto needs it more than Ragnell and Alondite. Honorable Mentions: Ishtar, Micaiah, Azura, Ayra, and Karla.)
Forma: Fallen Female Corrin (Honestly, any unit that I really want to get will due for this. I can´t say Idunn since we already had a Binding Blade themed Hall Of Forms.)
Resplendent: Adult Tiki (Honorable Mentions: Celica, Ryoma, Camilla, Ayra, Sonya, Micaiah, and Elincia.)
Beast: idk (All of the Beast units that I know of are already in Heroes.)
+10: Legendary Celica (Currently have her at +6.)

Here´s a link to the template that I used to make this:


Okay, yes, this seems fun.

  • Debut: I know it will happen eventually, but I really want Rhea. When it comes to FEH, I get most excited for characters who aren’t playable in their main game, or have very little play time, so Rhea’s high on my list of preferred 3H characters.

  • Special: I want Annette. Adult Annette, because her design is the cutest thing. I actually think there’s a good chance of both her and Dorothea on the next special dancer/singer banner. They always have a different theme so I don’t know what to call it, but you know.

  • Duo: Okay listen. I adore these two, I want there to be a cute Duo of them. We didn’t get that for the dancer alts, which is good because Rinea needed in the game somehow, but I now want them as a Duo. Because it would be cute.

  • Legendary: Maybe it’s a boring pick, but Micaiah’s my favorite and I want her legendary. Please be a healer, or doing something different from every other form.

  • Mythic: I’ve been asking for Ashera every banner since Yune dropped, and it’s gotta happen soon, right?

  • GHB/F2P: When Limstella gets in, that’s it. I will have received everything I could possibly ask for in this game. I truly think they’ll be a free unit, because I can’t imagine the writers making dialogue for a character who barely speaks. All I ask is, no Nergal/Limstella Duo where Limstella is just a backdrop.

  • Karla: Yes, maybe they did skip Ayra, so they probably think Karla’s fine too. But Mia now has her entire sword effect with a bonus, and Karla’s got the worst bulk of the fast sword infantry units so I think it’s fair to say she should get a refine.

  • Clarisse: I want to conserve grails at every opportunity, and Clarisse is an interesting pick because there are multiple sets I want to try out with her but don’t have the fodder for. HoF would bypass the need to summon for fodder.

  • Julia: My second favorite character, and I think someone who could use the Resplendent well. Hoping for Nifl or Embla attire.

  • Beast: Nealuchi when? Please make him red or green so there’s no color sharing with Naesala or Leanne.

+10: I adore Faye. Her Valentine’s alt is precious and I want it. I dumped like 1200 orbs into that banner, got pity broken 10 consecutive times before I saw one of her, another 6 before the second, and left with only +2. When the double special banner with her drops, I will be ready…


Here’s mine, seemed like fun

  • Debut: Felix. He was my favourite character from Three Houses, and one of my favourite characters not in FEH. I’m hoping he gets in soon.
  • Seasonal: Cormag. I love Cormag, and I just think it’d be cool if he got one.
  • Duo: Sigurd and Deirdre. I don’t have much attachment to them, and I wouldn’t pull, but I just think they’d be a cute duo.
  • Legendary: Xander. Ryoma and Azura have them, so where’s his? He was my favourite out of the three.
  • Mythic: Forseti. There was no pictures, and he has no given look in the game so it’s pretty unlikely, but I think he’d be cool.
  • GHB: Glen. I thought he might get added in with Cormag, but that didn’t happen. Still waiting, that maybe someday he’ll be added.
  • Refine: Joshua. I know he’s a grail unit, so i’ll Probably be waiting for a while, but I hope he gets one soon
  • Forma: No one. I don’t care about Forma units at all.
  • Resplendent: Chrom. I just like Chrom and want him to get different art
  • Beast: Janaff. Never played the Tellius games, so sorry if I got his name wrong but he looks cool. I’d want him in.
  • +10: Lewyn. I got a copy of him on his debut banner, and he’s become one of my favourite units to use. I’ve been trying to +10 him ever since but haven’t been able to get a single other copy

What is a “Debut” ? A New Heroe banner heroe ? ~


I think so. Someone who isn’t in the game yet


As a (mostly) f2p player I don’t really care about Formas or Resplendents. In fact I’d prefer it if they’re characters I don’t like :feh_legion:




If you didnt get blinded by my amazing paint skills, here’s the explanation.

-Pelleas is one of the characters I miss the most from RD and he appears already in some dialogues of B!Micaiah, so she deserves him showing up.

-Seliph with a special alt for three reasons: i dont need him, i’m not a fan of alts and people wants him.

-Jannaf and Ulki. They’re cool. I’d love too Tormod and Muarim, but i forgot about them while filling the blanks.

-Elincia as a legendary flying staff would make me cry of happiness. She better shows before Micaiah’s legendary alt tho. (She needs a miracle inducing staff referencing his mercy skill)

-Deghinsea is one of the laguzs who fight with Altina and I can’t believe that we haven’t got any dragons from Tellius tbh, I guess they’re not lolis of interest.

-GHB: if i couldnt say pelleas twice, then Ilyanna, i love laguzs and mages, what can I do?

-I need Oliver to get a refine, yes, I can’t believe what I’m saying as I dont like him being a meme and as a character he is such a bad person, but i have copies enough to consider it a merge project and I dont like most of the ftp blue infantry mage options, and ftp blue mages in general, but L’arachel.

-The Forma is simple. My +10 Soren, rn, can’t compete with neither my Nino nor my Brave Micaiah, so I’d like to give him a full support role, but i dont have ANY of the neccesary skills, and a good forma set could make up for my lack of fodder. Him being a support makes ivs less relevant.

-Same as before, resplendent could help him a lot.

-Giffca is cool. Nealuchi would be welcomed too, and I believe he could be a potential 4* focus.

-F! Ike, self-explanatory.

A lot of tellius, yes, but that’s what I wish. I could have put a lot of 3H too, but we have enough with the new braves and a future banner coming our way in.


Please forgive my awful photoshop skills

Debut: Orochi! She’s my favorite character from Hoshido, and it saddens me that fates has gotten so much love and Orochi STILL isn’t in the game. I hate that Japan hates her so much!

Special: Hrid should have been on the Summer banner do not @ me.

Duo: Claude and Male Byleth. Claude should have been romancable (imo all lords should be S supportable by both avatars) by M!Byleth in 3H. He was such a tease and the scene where he grabs someone’s hand and you see from that person’s PoV was lowkey bait and it makes me sad. This is obviously the least likely one to happen.

Legendary: Seliph. I don’t even know Seliph but I feel like he should get a legendary alt at this point. It’d be nice for his fans. I kind of want a Legendary Corrin alt, but the Corrins have SO much rep at this point they really don’t need it.

Mythic: Rhea. She’s a bad bitch. I love her design so much.

GHB/F2P: OG Mikoto. I love Mikoto’s design and hate how underutilized she is in Fates. Having her OG form in the game would be nice, as she wouldn’t take a spot up in the banner since she’s already represented in FEH. Give me Bow Mikoto god damn it.


Forma: LA!Eliwood. I want to build one but I really don’t want to spend so many grails/feathers on him. It would make getting all those armor skills so much easier too.

Resplendent: Male Corrin and Felicia. I really want to use Male Corrin as a combat unit more, he’s not bad at it though. Felicia really needs some stat help, units are so fast and mages hit so hard now its hard for her to tank them with this much powercreep.

Beast: Volug. I know nothing about this man but he’s hot and other people want him so… Win-win for me.

+10: Adrift Mikoto. She’s my current 5*+10 project so I do want to +10 her someday, despite her being mostly powercrept by Emmeryn.



Debut : Miranda I always her and she was my main reason for playing Thracia., MORE THRACIA PLEASE !

Special : Lute deserve a seasonal with better arts, I thought she was popular.

Duo: my favorite Geneology ship, I think Lene would looks so good if she was dressed like Ares.


Mythic : Medeus, I always loved how his dragon form looked terrifying and I’m still surprised characters like Altina was added before him.

GHB : Validar I just want to make a team with Robin whole family.

Refine : both Fallen Robin, she is probably the worst legendary with Lyn…

Forma : I didn’t knew who I should put here so I choose Gangrel because his arts are cool I guess.

Beast : I don’t remember Tellius that well but Skrimir is an absolute unit, my favorite male Laguz.

+10 : the thunder goddess, I always pulled for her but she often share blue with the REIN sadly :sob:


Debut: Severa. The fact that we got her lame fates copypaste and not the original is an absolute travesty

Special: Lute. Her design is amazing and I want a Lute bride

Duo: Nowi and Nah, or Tiki and Nowi would be adorable

Legendary: Veronica because Veronica

Mythic: loptous because everyone loves a dark God

GHB: nuibaba because demon chicks are hot

Refine: Arvis so I can actually have a Male hero in my barracks

Forma: og ninian, she would look great with all the blue

Resplendent: elincia so she can actually look like elincia

Beast: all I ask for is a complete redesign of the laughably silly fates wolfskin form so I can take veloura seriously

10+: Sharena, come on let us do this already


Yes, please.

Take all of my orbs

This would be great


  • Debut: Miriel. Please IS, I just want my favorite character in this damn game, it’s been 3 years. Please

  • Special: Witch!Sonya would be amazing but hopefully drew by someone else Hidari pls

  • Duo: Sigurd and Deirdre. These two deserve to be together

  • Legendary: I know I know, F!Grima is a thing but I still dream about Grandmaster!Robin with the Levin Sword, especially now that both Gangrel and Anna got different weapons

  • Mythic: I got Mila, so now I only need Seiros. Hopefully with a different artist than Mila’s

  • GHB: Sonia is one of my fave villains and I think she would be an awesome infantry mage. We need Nergal and his morphs ASAP

  • Refine: Ivaldi sucks

  • Forma: I don’t care

  • Resplendant: I don’t care

  • Beast: Vika, I need more ravens in my barracks

  • +10: It’s a pipe dream but a +10 L!Edelgard would be amazing


Debut: Jill. It is a travesty that one of FEs best non-Lord characters isn’t in the game yet
Special: Groom Sigurd. He’s a classy guy so it feels like a fitting alt.
Duo: Saizo and Kaze. The Christmas cavs feel like perfect choices for this kind of alt and Ninjas could make for an interesting Duo effect
Legendary: Anna. REAL God Anna this time. I’m happy with her Awakening version finally being in the game but the Apotheosis epithet they decided to use for it set a powerful standard that it doesn’t live up to
Mythic: Seiros. But only if her animation involves her knocking a bitch out
GHB: Seteth. The non-Rhea Church faculty feel like they’d be good candidates for Grail units and Seteth is the one I want most
Prf/Refine: L’Arachel. I fear they’ll keep Ivaldi’s base effect like they did with Gleipneirika but it feels more likely to happen than DC or Staff refines
Forma: F!F!Corrin. Love her art and VA work and she looks like a fun unit to use when invested in. I’ve had mine at neutral for almost a year now so it wouldn’t even ruin her IVs
Resplendent: Titania. I literally just want this for the stats
Beast: Skrimir, Muarim or Volug. I ain’t even a furry but damn, the Laguz do not make it easy
+10: Fjorm. I’ve come to loathe summoning on Legendary banners, but it’s the only way to get her merges so if that’s the hell I need to put myself through than so be it


Debut: Fred. As Olwens husband and wielder of the Levin Sword, his addition would allow me to complete my Rein Family Couples Squad! (Cus, right now, Olwens stuck with Kempf and I don’t think she’s to happy about it. But c’mon, what could I do? Kempf kept calling her his “bitch”, so I thought for sure they had a thing going. Also, PS, I hope the Levin works like Shining Bow.)

Special: Summer, Halloween, or Christmas Reinhardt. And I really want him to be colorless in some form, be that staff, bow, or colorless mage.

Duo: Olwen/Reinhardt. An homage to there last moments in Thracia, Olwen will wield the Blessed Sword as her choice of armament, granting her a dual phase brave effect, with an accompanying skill in reference of the weapons innate miracle effect (like, if units hp would hit zero, units hp is instead 1. Only happens once per battle in a turn, so you can’t use it consecutively.)

Legendary: Reinhardt. It just needs to happen. And I would love for them to use it as there original vision of Reinhardt as a mixed phase nuke, with dual phase Dire Mjolnir, and a personal variant vantage skill that prevents follow-ups and makes the foe perform 2 attack phases when they initiate combat against him if Reins atk, spd, and hp are higher than the foe’s (based after the charge skill he uses in Thracia). And his ark, spd, and hp are his better stats :feh_reinyes:

Mythic: Anankos. Props if instead of Anankos, they have Gunter transform.

GHB/F2P: Summer, Halloween, or Christmas Olwen. Can’t have one without the other, so if Rein gets added as a Special, I want Olwen as the GHB.

Pref/Refine: Dire Thunder. Could be as simple as a boost in atk and special cooldown when in 2 spaces of another cav. But something other than its base form, anything honestly, would be appreciated.

Forma: Spring Loki. Because I’m trying to merge her up and it’s going to take forever, so a “free” copy would be very welcome.

Resplendent: Reinhardt. To cement the god of thunder as the strongest unit on Heroes! :feh_rein: (Honestly though, Olwen needs it more…)

Beast: Kempf. A reference, to like that one time he got so mad at Reinhardt, he had Julius mutate him into a centaur with magic, so he could try and get his revenge. What’s that you say? That never happened?! You trippin man. Remember, I think it was chapter 12…

+10. Legendary Reinhardt (…when he comes out).


I heavily agree A! Tiki needs more love!


Debut: dorothea, one of my two favorite characters and my favorite not yet in.
Alt: altina.
Duo: ferdinand and dorothea. One of my favorite pairings and I think a dancing duo of them would be pretty great.
Legendary: seliph because he deserves it.
Mythic: nemesis, solely so god shattering star can come to feh and it would be cool too.
F2p: miklan, because a f2p beast/Lance of ruin unit would be amazing.
Pref/refine: tanya please.
Forma: don’t care as long as they are useful for hof.
Resplendent: don’t care, I’m f2p.
Beast: as I said earlier I want miklan in the game as a blue beast unit with the Lance of ruin being referenced in his skills.
+10: duofonse or dorothea if she comes out and is super good


I wanted these 2 and bam in one shot. Though im torn now do i summon the rest? Mirabilis is -hp +def and say’ri is sadly -atk +res.

Debut: If it was up to me, the Three Houses roster in this game would be very different. Caspar, Linhardt, Marianne, Lorenz, and Sylvain for sure.
Special: Lute. She’s one of my favorite characters, plus she debuted with Mia and Dorcas who both have alts now.
Duo: I don’t much care for Colm or Neimi individually, but I love them together and I will drain my entire stash of orbs if they ever get a duo.
Legendary: Caeda kind of grew on me thanks to FEH, plus I wouldn’t mind a Caeda that actually uses Wing Spear. And of course the inevitable legendary Claude and Dimitri.
Mythic: I don’t know. Seiros, I guess.
GHB/F2P: Seteth, hopefully he doesn’t get the standard bottom-tier F2P treatment.
Prf/Refine: L’Arachel. Another of my favorite characters, who has one of the suckiest prfs in the game. She absolutely deserves a decent refine.
Forma & Resplendent: Who cares, I can’t afford them anyway.
Beast: I am really hoping Brave Dimitri is a literal boar prince.
+10: I don’t really merge units I don’t use in arena, so I’m just gonna say L!Edelgard since mine has bad IVs.


Debut: Ingrid - Probably my favorite character from the Blue Lions route so far. She was also one of the four characters I was able to recruit before the timeskip in my Crimson Flower playthrough (the others being Lysithea, Ignatz and Felix). I hope they do her justice in FEH or at worst make her a really good demote.
Special: Ayra - I’ve wanted an alt of her since her debut in FEH. I’m also really fond of swordswomen and would like to see her in a Summer alt (though I kind of hope not this year).
Duo: Tsubasa & Kiria - For those of you who’ve played TMS, you know there’s a side-quest where Tsubasa and Kiria perform a duet. So this one is pretty obvious. And “Give Me” is one of my favorite tracks in that game.
Legendary: Robin - I know we technically have that, but that’s Grima and not the Robin we would normally think of as a “Legendary Hero”. Give us the Grandmaster Robin that stood up to Grima at the end of Awakening and was willing to sacrifice himself to ensure the Fell Dragon couldn’t come back ever again. Robin is also my second favorite FE character.
Mythic: Rhea/Seiros - Honestly I just thought of someone I knew and I’m not going to elaborate on why due to spoilers even though it’s been almost a year since 3H came out.
GHB/F2P: Seteth - Please give us a good free male lance flier. At least give him Spear of Assal.
Prf/Refine: Ayra - While I still think heroes with DC weapons should be prioritized given how Fallen Ike completely powercrept them even more than Saber’s refine and Mufasa, that ultimately goes without saying. Otherwise, I would personally love for Ayra to get a refine. Everyone completely ditches her unique weapon in favor of Slaying Edge+ and we’ve gotten a ton of fast and powerful sword units that completely outclass her, including her own daughter.
Forma: N/A - I do spend money on this game, but I wouldn’t buy the Forma Packs for multiple reasons so I ultimately don’t care.
Resplendent: Tiki (Young and Adult) - Tiki is my third favorite FE character and her original versions in FEH need help despite their weapon refines.
Beast: Sephiran - I looked up the remaining Laguz and there weren’t that many I recognized, so I went with one of the antagonists of RD. While some people speculate he would be a staff unit, he could also be a heron with Ashera Staff as a unique B or C skill if he’s a banner unit.
+10: Legendary Edelgard - I want a really good axe armor unit for my Arena Core and a Legendary Hero and she seems to be a really good investment. I already got so much use out of her when she was a bonus unit and she’s been incredible in MS, and I’ve only gotten to +2 merge after only getting 3 +Hp copies.