My current greil and what I plan to do with him

As soon as darros comes out my boy here is gonna get that deck swabber. His tank abilities will be pushed much further now and that’s what I like to see. +res refine as well of course for the deck swabber than since I run him with buffs from units like berkut or Robin he will be very tough to kill. I do have distant counter on him but I’m not sure if that’s worth switching to unless he gets a ton of bonus stats like in rokkr sieges


Deck Swabber and Spd/Res Solo are very anti synergistic with Armor March. You’re either gonna have to give him Armored Stride or ensure he has an armored partner join him AFTER he attacks, and the latter option is incredibly clunky.

Also he’s only hitting 28 Spd with that Solo which is incredibly underwhelming. He’s not doubling anything except the slowest of slow units, and he’s not firing Aether too often either – and because of that, Fury 4 chip damage is going to knock him out of Special Fighter range in no time.

I don’t understand this build at all. None of the skills work well together.


alright ill break down the skills
weapon: deckswabber gives -5 atk/def on enemy if solo that gives effectively 65 atk and 47 def
assist: he has repo but this is an old saved build i havent updated so thats my mistake for not fixing it before posting
special: aether is self explanatory
A: fury 4 is self explanatory
B: special fighter is self explanatory
C: armor march allows him to move 2 spaces so i have greater mobility to give myself a solo position
seal: the speed increase to give him 28 spd is not ment for really anything other than a secondary boost over warding stance

in total when solo his stats would be

the speed isnt ment to double but it does allow him to avoid a minor amount of doubles which is better than being doubled by more units. armor march is only there to give him the ability to get into a solo position easier if i run him with my brave hector who has fortify armor increases his tank potential even more for that enemy phase.

But you see, running Armor March necessitates a second armored unit on the team. With other unit types, you can leave a unit solo for the enemy phase and not be too punished for it. That’s not the case with Armored March. If you don’t ensure the armors next to each other at the end of each Player Phase, then the March becomes useless and both your armors have their movement ruined for at least one whole turn. This means you lose out on being able to use the Solo effects in enemy phase. If you were running a pure Player Phase build with say, Bold Fighter, that would be one thing, but this looks like it’s trying to be mixed phase but forces your units to cripple themselves in one way or another to do it.

That’s why I recommended Armored Stride instead. Or at the very least dump the March for say, Atk Smoke and just have one of your other units Smite Greil into enemy lines (Smite is very effective at getting armors around, as I have found playing this last HoF). Then the build works much better on both phases.


the march is what i want to start the map off to give them the chance to get into position in the lowest amount of turns so i can choke a point or bait an enemy early on. armored stride is something i dont feel he needs as if i run my brave hector(who has fortify armor like i mentioned earlier) i can increase my tank potential and not cripple hectors own movement by running march for however many turns i need to get into a solo position. you also have to consider that on most maps your units always start adjacent to each other meaning running stride is an awful turn 1 skill compared to march more often than not. atk smoke is not a bad idea either but greil even with his(if buffed) 53/53 defenses he aint gonna be invincible and shouldnt be taking multiple hits when he cant counter at range and gets doubled by alot of units so any red mage will easily rip him apart no problem even if they are debuffed

I would go with vengeful fighter because this build his good in enemy phase and because he can’t double otherwise ( he can if you give him quick riposte in the s slot). For the movement issue I can suggest (aside for using a partner with smite) armored boots: is more consistent that armor march, you lose the solo but it opens his c slot for other ability (such as smoke/threaten ecc… )and he has aether for healing himself. Also fury can hurt him and there are better option for him: the premium option such us distant counter or solo skill (the pirate banner and the divine paths can help you) or the budget stance such as sturdy or bracing stance 2.

the reason i didnt go vengeful is because of enemy specials. in 1 range combat if im against other axes or lances specials will more often be what kills him because of his crazy good defense and res stats. if they dont have armor effectiveness not much can 2 shot him unless its a super high merge offense build

Speedy Greil??? I got that in HoF

Yes RNG thought it was funny to keep offering Spd Skills so I just ran with it.

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