My Dark Defense Team (Any good?)

I’ve had it for a while & I finally “finished” it as I found what units work.(Nothing serious)


How can you defend with only one OG Lysithea

Glitch I fixed it

Ranges don’t really overlap, and you only have one, isolatable, dancer. The traps are placed too far out, and they’re too easy to test. You should put a healing tower somewhere

Lethe doesn’t transform either :feh_eirikathink:

Units themselves seem fairly strong (aside from the presence of only one isolatable dancer in dark season), but the formation seems a bit like chucking them all together :feh_marththink:


By far the biggest thing you need to do is take your units and put them into a cluster with overlapping ranges. Right now it’s way too easy to bait or snipe individual units without the others having any chance to do anything about it.


Yeah, lack of range overlap is the main thing right now :feh_maethink:
You want to make sure that any place an opponent tries to tank your units is attackable by at least 2, preferably 3 of your units :feh_marththink: