My dream Arena core builds

These are the builds I want for my new Arena core. Both for optimization and scoring, assist skills are flexible. And how good is Darting Blow 4 or Null Follow-Up on Itsuki because I have a spare Legendary Alm?

NFU is good on Itsuki but darting blow 4 is not

If Itsuki already has NCD there’s no need for NFU, NCD is better

There’s no need for NCD on an Arena focused unit, you won’t run into Veronicas or Brave Lyns in the higher tiers. If you’re willing to sack the Alm, go for it, but Darting Blow 4 isn’t a great skill so if you can find a different source of NFU, go with that

He doesn’t. These are hypothetical builds I would use if I got certain skills.

Ok. Also I think that NFU works better in Arena while NCD works better in AR.

NCD does come with DC though and that’s pretty much his best a slot

I do have a spare DC from an extra Hector, but I don’t have a spare NCD. I’m thinking of foddering Alm for NFU because I’m thinking of getting Harsh Command+ when I get 4,000 divine codes. I do have a suboptimal Adrift Male Corrin I haven’t used, but I dislike foddering a unit I only have one copy of.

I use Brave Ike as my DC+NCD user for AR.