My Experience as a FGO NA player playing the JP version

I started playing FGO NA in the beginning of 2018, somewhere before E- pluribus -enum and had played the accel world Fate zero and Da Vinci counterfeit hero events.

Since then I now have a pretty good servant list, (being a dolphin) with nearly all good supports, and pretty strong roster.

I am also decently prepared for the Upcoming Castoria Meta with the Arts servants like
Space Ishtar
Summer Musashi
Summer Melt and I am sure many others.

FGO was not an easy game for me, with me facing a lot of problems in every singularity after london, reviving in literally every super hard fight after 3 tries, sometimes even reviving twice.

I started playing JP after the release of Morgan, and well, around that time I was lucky to get Morgan, Vlad and Castoria, and soon after I got Percival , Summer Kama, and Koyan of Light as well.

The game was so easy, that I practically cleared all content until LB4 with only a Combination of Vlad, Castoria and Morgan.
And Now in LB5 and 5.2 even this combo was not invincible, and still it was way easier for me to clear LB5 in JP rather than NA, event though I have invested a lot more money in my NA account, after Castoria maybe my NA account is elevated to the same level but until then it is easier for me clear content in my JP account even though the only gold saber is Saber lily, and I have no gold riders, or SSR lancers, and archers.

I know people keep talking about how much easier Castoria makes all content, how Koyan makes buster loops easy, but this is the way I discovered how much better servants are now than before.

This Also makes me think whether an year from now, even these servants will be powercrept, and someone who creates an account an year from now might have a much stronger account than the one I have today.


Considering what Castoria alone does to Arts and to the overall game, your experience isn’t surprising. Of course, Koyanskaya signals a Buster renaissance, and Morgan is a powerful and extremely user-friendly AoE SSR Berserker who fits well into a variety of teams.

It could also be that your NA roster doesn’t have all of the Servants and CEs that make content easier to complete. You’re well-positioned for Castoria, but none of those Servants are extremely easy to use right out of the box unless whaled to the extent that you don’t have to worry as much about their damage. That’s part of why Servants like Arjuna Alter and S Orion are so powerful: they perform well almost everywhere even without perfect support and CEs.


I actually have a pretty good servant roster including Arjuna Alter, Orion, Dantes, Parvati, MHX Alter, and superscopes.

NA Content now has become easier to clear, but somehow I found that it was still easier in the JP version. This I am comparing LB5 in both versions.

My account in NA will not be able to to clear all challenge content with ease, but it should given the right supports. In JP all fights just somehow seem so easy, obviously the experience from playing the game 4 years helps but such a difference for a fraction of the time and money put into NA, just seems strange.

I mean when I started playing JP I thought that apart from Arc 1 my NA and JP experience should be comparable, with NA being easier, as I had Merlin, Waver, Tamamo, Skadi, but 3 Servants basically cleared nearly all content until lostbelts in JP.

Of course this is the only reason I stuck around in JP, otherwise, I would still be only playing events, and dailies, if not just abandoning it.


I would just chalk it up to Castoria and the other major supports JP has, then. Everyone on NA is going to experience a whole new world this anniversary. Hell, even if players don’t manage to roll her, just borrowing her is a huge difference.


Totally Agree, very eagerly waiting for castoria.


I started playing right before Babylonia and I sometimes thing about how much the game changed since the release of Merlin.


Most JP players here also play NA though, having new experience is not a bad thing and also help to make better judgement :fgo_davinci_coffee:

I mean it seems like mostly just a balance thing, really. Older content just isn’t tuned around newer servants. I’ve got a pretty well developed roster on NA, and sure the filler battles were pretty easy but I still got tripped up a bit on the harder boss fights in LB5. I could see where having access to servants like Vitch and Oberon would make it much easier for future players.

Similarly I put off doing Agartha for a long time on NA because I heard it sucked, and I’m working on clearing it now. I just did the fight where you have to kill Heracles like three times then fight Penthesilea back to back. I bought Abigail, MHXX and a support Yang Guifei to it and breezed through it. I could absolutely see that fight being a huge pain in the ass on release, but having access to newer servants kind trivialized it.