My experience with the Quick Meta so far

So, I have played around with my shiny new Ski Goddess and her favorite playmates a little, and I decided to start this thread to share my insights for others to see (and because I’m bored at the moment).

Now, for the actors in this play: I have Skadi (duh), Zerkerlot, Nyanta, Parvati (I really have to come up with a good nickname for her one of these days…) and Edgy Count. Everyone is NP1, except for Nyanta.

I have done the testing in three areas: Doors, Hands, and the Flaming Mansion of Götterdämmerung. The first two is because they are something everyone runs a lot, and the latter is a good representative of a harder node you would see in events, with annoying zerker enemies spliced in that greatly decrease your servants’ NP refund to boot, making it a good environment to test the robustness of the Double Skadi System.
All of the nodes are ran with the looper using MLB Scope and with a maxed out Fragment of 2004.

So, this might not be that much of a surprise, but everyone did amazing against doors. The NP refund bonus on Casters is no joke, and even NP1 Zerkerlot could refund around 60-65%, making the looping into a breeze.

However, when it came to the Ember Dailies, I have quickly ran into a problem. Nyanta and Cosplaying Sakura (let’s go with that nickname for now) did really well, so long as there was no class-disadvantage involved. Dantes was also a big surprise, as I could only get him to Lv72 and 3/3/3 after leveling Skadi (I ran out of Dragon Fangs a long time ago), yet he easily managed 50% refund even with two zerkers on the field. However, NP1 Zerkerlot didn’t do so well. If there was at least one Zerker hand on the field, he could barely reach the bare minimum of 49% refund, and if there were two or more, it just straight up broke the loop.

This also made me realize one thing: when your Arts loop gets broken, you are still in the clear, because doing arts looping requires the likes of Tamamo, Bride, and Waver, who all have tools to keep themselves and your looper alive. When your Quick loop is broken, you are a sitting duck, because Skadi’s only survival buffs are built into her NP, which you won’t see when you are looping. Not only that, but since the quick/crit buffs last for one more turn, it means your damage output with also tank even if you manage to charge your looper’s NP gauge with facecards.

As for the hard node, all of the loopers did really well on the first two waves and could easily wipe them with adequate refund. However, the problems began with the last wave, with its chunky Rider miniboss.
To put it bluntly, none of them could deal with the third wave in one turn, and Zerkerlot had a bad habit of occasionally only refunding 48% on the second wave, which was pretty infuriating. On the other hand, he could actually deal with the last wave about 50% of the time, if the game was gracious enough to give me two of his face cards, with at least one of them being buster.

Now, you might say, “But GabeZhul, you handsome, smart, and incredibly humble devil! You can increase the damage output and consistency by using the plugsuit and bringing in a support, like a Bride, or a Waver, or a Stheno!”
Well, that’s true, but there are two glaring problems with that: for one, you would need to have these rare servants natively, which not everyone can say (especially for Stheno, as she is a very generous goddess who loves to burn herself to help her master with their Rare Prism needs). The bigger problem, however, is the very fact that I would have to rely on plugsuit.

The thing is, this is a node I can already easily 3T with my “regular” teams, without any RNG involved, with its only drawback being that I need to use the plugsuit, which makes it a little slow and clunky. The main draw of the DSS is that it’s supposed to cut down on clicks and makes things smoother, so when I have to result to the same order change juggling, I have to wonder what’s the whole hype was about…

So, overall, my impressions are mixed. Sure, maybe once I get my Zerkerlot and/or Count Edgelord to NP2+, things might become smoother, but so far I have to say that while the Double Skadi System is indeed good for speeding up the daily grind, it is far less overwhelmingly powerful or convenient than what the hype told me. I still have no regrets, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t just a tiny bit disappointed.

P.S.: Just tested a plugsuit Summer Scathach comp on the Flaming Mansion. Scatchach can barely loop there, as she only refunds 29% on the first wave. That said, if the loop remains unbroken, she can actually off the miniboss in the third wave without the need of face cards. The only issue is that this comp need plugsuit Waver, and you can see my opinion on that above.


A longish post, but an honest one! I get that NP looping has been a thing since Arts monsters with ridiculous NP gain showed excellent results in lottery farming, so the arrival of the Ice Queen and its own looping method introduced a whole new discussion to be had.

It’s only been a couple of days, but I have also done some experiments of my own. And this considering that not only is my Zerkerlot NP1 and my Skadi’s skills are 1/1/10 (to be fixed this friday), but I also lack the other big useful tools to “fill the holes” in the looping setup: my own Waver (since I have to borrow a Skadi to make this whole shebang work) and an MLB Kaleidoscope.

I know, right? It’s helpful, but the huge expectation made it look like the next big wonder that would shatter reality as we know it (at least, for this one mobile game).
If anything, Skadi and her twin sister’s facilitating capabilities aside, I am amazed at how I underestimated edgy boi Lancelot’s horrendous NP gain. I get it, he’s not the most optimal choice for this kind of farming strategy, but his Berserker status makes him the braindead all-around pick in terms of class advantage at least (Since I clearly don’t have the god of DSS, Dantes). So it’s sad to see how, even with +100% Quick UP and his own brutal NP gain skill and his high hit counts on NP, his NP gain is clearly the worst possible.
Then again, this kind of strategy wasn’t designed with him in mind in the slightest, so we shouldn’t expect miracles, I guess :fgo_casgilworry:
At the very least now I can deploy Lancelot and Skadi for Embers so Helena can rest up a bit

In any case, 100% functional DSS or not, at least now you expanded your options for farming with Skadi by a considerable margin. Remember to enjoy using her as more than just a looping tool! (and enjoy yourself, of course…even in the context of farming! :fgo_ereshlove: )


DSS becomes more relevant in event farming where you are trying to max drops and trying to stack as many event ce’s as possible. It’s godlike there.

In daily chaldea gate farming the effect is marginal in my roster vs 2 superscopes or mlb ie’s or 50% charge ce’s + servants with 50% batteries. It’s also less effective I feel in nodes where there are odd number waves eg 3/1/3, 3/2/3 waves


I think the important thing with Lancelot is to temper expectations in that he really needs his ideal conditions to be met in order to function. He’s either lackluster or amazing; the car will start, or it won’t. His NP gain is good only in context of his buffed NP card with multiple targets.

Regular farming really is business as usual for many players, though. Now we can use our Quick Servants more easily, but it’s not like we couldn’t 3T farm before. The only reason I care about using DSS is, as @Ibanezguy points out, event farming. For normal farming we rarely care which CEs we have to use unless we have a cost issue with bond point farming.


It’s probably the NP level and the things you are using to run it.

I have Zerkerlot NP3 and Parvati NP2, Maxed-MLB Kaleidoscope and a Maxed F2004 (The highest damage setup, using PlugSuitWaver/Helena reduces damage and takes more time).

I’m not dissapointed AT ALL, those two destroy every single quest i have thrown at them. Daillies? Lostbelt Node farming? They kill it! This is definitely some steps above the Nitocris+StrongAoE or Arash setups i used before. Heck, i would even say that this is the best farming team i have ever tried, i have not encountered any quest i can’t clear with it so far. Even some ST Bosses because Zerkerlot can surpass ~200k Damage per enemy and he crits pretty easily since these comp live at 50 stars every turn (a little lower with Parvati)

The weakness of Zerkerlot are Berserkers, Parvati has my back there and she loops them with almost no overkill (Berserker Daily was my test…i didn’t even needed her skill to NP Charge). The weakness of Parvati is her low attack and her current NP level, so i use her with advantage or against low HP Neutral stuff where that isn’t a problem…i’m even considering to grail her, Max Fou her and NP5 to reach full neutral and universal memedom like NP2 Dantes. I don’t need to grail Zerkerlot…he already does TOO MUCH damage, IT’S OVERKILL :fgo_skadismug:


LOL! Stheno was so generous granting me private lessons recently :fgo_rinlaugh:

Useless goddess jokes aside, I really really never liked zerkalot prior to lucking into np2 on Hokusai’s banner. Np1 damage is sooo potato, np gain horrid, and so fragile. Np2 damage was a huge difference and allowed me a muuuch easier time in DaVinci lottery because it could get by with minimal buffs on Lancelot for w2 allowing Hokusai a better go at w3. His np2 performance at DaVinci edged me over to let him match his saber counterpart with a couple grails.

He still sucks at np gain without a LOT of help, and still fragile so you’re better off 3T only, but that np upgrade made such a difference! I’m actually quite excited to see what my new np3 lvl90 will accomplish, but I’ll have to do it without DSS unless I can pull off an 11th hour summoning miracle with my last minute bond level farming frenzy for a couple more shots at skadi.


Paru works fine, in my view.

I tested her out in a couple hand-runs just now, accompanied by Zaynab’s 9/9/9 Flora* + a borrowed 10/10/10 one, at NP4 -

MC in play is 2004 at a measly lvl 4, the NP-gain of which I decided to throw on her a couple times as well

Yeah, can’t complain about her performance here at all. I’ll probably still stick to more traditional setups for dailies, embers and hands both, for variety’s sake. I’ll get around to taking NP2 zerk Lancelot out some once I got Flora to 10/10/10 come summer 2 rerun.

*PS: Skye Boat Song brought her on just tickets, so it just has to be that for a nickname. Waiting on DW releasing King Charles to invaed Lostbelt 6 with his Jacobites in tow haha


In my case, Atalante, now NP3 since I made a one ticket YOLO on the Jeanne banner and got the hunter again, has become a beast with Skadi. She simply loops like crazy, even when my own Queen is just 7/5/7 because I just started Lostbelt 2 to get the materials. Granted, and as expected, against bosses with breaks the Skadi system is useless, unless you have the servants to do the job like in my case Alter-chan, Okita, and so on.

The quick era is amazing… but VERY RIDICULOUSLY RESTRICTIVE as far as I have tested it. You either have the servants with the proper invested skills and NP level for it to work or not.


I’ve been enjoying my Atalante-based DSS runs, as well! Mine is only NP2, but I got her to 90, and she obliterates dailies. Still needs face cards for neutral damage, LB-level farming, but 3T is 3T, right?

Haven’t decided whether I’m going to try for Dantes, yet. Depends on how much BBkini costs me.


Damn right 3T is 3T. The next fest I will farm like crazy QP and Embers to grail my Tamamo so she can have more staying power in Arts, and Nero, because of Nero. Maybe some grails and gold Fous to Jeanne, Okita, and Alter-chan. All for love.

For farming, on the other hand, I am planning to grail to 90 Valkyrie since I have her at NP2 but still I need the materials she shares with Skadi first. Also Atalante, who is already invested, and if I get her, Summer Ushiwakamaru because she is gorgeous and it seems she loops well. What do you think, guys?

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You had me at “Nero, because of Nero”.


Finally found a friend with enough skill levels on their skadi to 3t Atalante for steel farming although now i have to refresh spam till they show up, hate that feature so much. Once caster gems are up in dailies I will be able to finish shoring up the last few levels mine needs to help stabilize it.

I will say this about DSS if your not paying attention and forget to hit something or are just slightly off the damage breakpoints you really break your groove hard. Still want to get this all set up before the next lotto event. Then I can go back to normal set ups and just break this one out for lotto and any other events where i plan to apple in great quantities.

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I tried to do double skadi with my new and improved Tamo cat …I think it worked out somewhat.

Not Valkyrie good, but a few upgrades will make it work.


This is my exact debate right now, only its MHXX instead of BBkini that I want.

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To busted man I mean what the hell.

I literally do everything in 2 turns with MHXA.

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Geez i really miss my MHX alter , Her np animation is just so cool.


First SSR Maxed Bond.
Weather she was good or not I love her to death she got me through a lot of hard stuff.


(Camelot memorial quest) vs (Two goddesses and a sick girl)
I did it in 2 turns.
Crazy damage I tell ya.


If only if it was camelot.
Almost every quest is 2 turns.

Try 2 Turning Abigail!