My F2P Answer to the growing Blue/Colorless menace

I feel like I’m having the most issues with blue and colorless (LChrom , the new FEdelgard, BHector, Seiros, LCorrin, SMyrrh, Shinon, the Claudes and Dimitris… let’s be honest it’s been a good year for them)

and my answer to most of these most of the times was a razzle/dazzle healer or simply wearing down the unit little by little and pray for the best.

I pretty much have been forced to recently create this (A skill has other options):

Now, I know YInnes was just sent to us as a savior and everyone will be insta +10 to bypass at least the damage reduction ones


Why do every other counter is so outdated? Boey was released in 2017. Cecilia a bit earlier that year.
Am I missing something?

What is your F2P answer to these big threats? Is FEH more and more becoming Pay to Win?


I usually just use Arthur with his defenses stacked to the max. He’s then able to survive all of the above mentioned threats. Stacking defense(s) is really just the meta, at least that’s how I see it.


My answer isn’t F2P : B!Hector :feh_rein:
Otherwise a nul follow-up duelist isn’t a bad idea


unrelated but please give that +10 a favorite marker :feh_notlikethis:


Cecilia is my anti blue/colorless AR goddess

She’s getting Close Foil from the next Julian I pull (and considering he’s on the Remix and I’m pulling colorless for him and Robin, that should be very soon)


Hopefully we get an updated F2P green mage with an interesting PRF…

It is due since the last we got was Azura in 2018.


We did just get V!Alfster as a Green mage but I guess his armor mobility could be an issue. And there was S!Sylvain as a cav option. Neither have Prfs tho.


Thank you

There was a severe lack of :feh_ceciliaculture: in here


Sylvain also had no Res, which is an issue against the dragons like Seiros

Mine player phased a B!Ike yesterday in my defense replays. It was scary :eyes:


I understand these two are easier to merge once or twice a year but still not in the general pool unfortunately.

Actually, just looking at the 4*/3* mage pool we have:

Red tomes = 20 units
Blue tomes = 17 units
Green tomes = 9 units

This is so unbalanced for no reason… hopefully IS makes up for it soon


Nice! What build?

Basically her base kit

This is why we run NFU on B!Ike

She also took out a Fedelgard with a Mirabilis dance

Rhea is a monster lol


Oh I thought you meant Sylvain player phased B!Ike, my b. Still nice!


Now, I know YInnes was just sent to us as a savior and everyone will be insta +10 him for this reason

I mean not really

What is your F2P answer to these big threats?

Do I really need to answer this at this point

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Only if you want to be useful. Otherwise your reply would be of little help

You must be new here if you don’t know who I’m most known for using


Whahahah I was just cringing because it didn’t have one!! Imagine sending him home by accident? All my maxed units and 5*s really are favorited lol.


Do seasonal units counts?

Because if they do, Valentine’s Alfonse.

If they don’t: I have no F2P counter, as my best best for Green and Blue tanking is my B!Edelgard.

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I have a +10 ninja Hana that can deal with most of those guys. So far only L!Claude is the most threatening and annoying to face, his damage and survivability is through the roof.

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why would you delete the comment youre right