My Fake Brave Hero Concept Tease (Dimitri: King with Clarity)

So, since IS hasn’t given us a clue for what to expect during this upcoming Choose Your Legends event, I decided to sketch a fake brave hero concept tease for Dimitri. I made a lot of mistakes, but I still liked the end result enough to share.

A lot of the inspiration for the outfit comes from Rodrigue, because it was only until after his demise (RIP Mr. Fraldarius) that Dimitri found the clarity to work with others, achieve his goals, and take back his kingdom. I also integrated aspects of the other Blue Lions’ clothes, because Dimitri couldn’t have made it so far without them. I ignored referencing Gilbert or Gustave or whatever his name is, because I don’t like that man, and if I remember correctly, he’s the only one who actively enables Mad Dimitri’s reckless tendencies.

Also, I drew him as a staff cavalry unit because Rodrigue was a Holy Knight, which is a class that specializes in white magic and healing. It’s probs more realistic that he’d be a cavalry mage if IS decides to go the “Dimitri is based on Rodrigue” route, though. I chose to make him a staff specifically because putting him in a semi-supporting role after a whole 22 chapters of being a destructive offensive powerhouse is a character arc I need in my life. Plus, IS could very easily make up a weapon that doesn’t appear in-game, since B!Lucina and B!Camilla’s didn’t appear in their source games iirc.

Anyway, sketches...

Any thoughts?


That’s really cool! :feh_birbpeek:

Never thought about post-timeskip Dimitri taking off his eyepatch :feh_eirikathink: