My favorite sweeper, anything I could change?

So I fell in lvoe with her design and skillset, so I pulled a ton for her, like 300+ orbs. Only got one copy unfortunately, but I’m happy I got her at all. I’m wondering if I could improve anything, but so far she does really well.


If you manage to pull a Igrene, you could give Eleonora both Life and Death 4 and special spiral 3 in order to hit always hard without depending on her health and aether, also you could give her Dragon Fang which hits harder than aether

Or! If she has a tome user as her teammate, she could run Sorcery Blade 3
Though she’s already pretty good right now

Well I’d run Def smoke over atk smoke. Maybe moonbow over Aether since she’d always proc it every combat with FB. If you pulled a Tsubasa she could run blade session pretty well. Swift Sparrow 3 and L&D 4 are also both really good A slots. The only reason I mention swapping her A slot is because of the recoil and hp requirements, but despite what some would have you believe there really is nothing wrong with Atk/Spd Push

I’m sure aether is there to make up for the 5 damage she gets from ATK/SPD push 4, but I’m thinking you may want to swap that for either moonbow or glimmer. Get some extra damage on the second hit thanks to flashing blade. Otherwise, no criticism. Really wish I got her instead of Mamora since she hasn’t offered me any kind of utility yet.

See thing is I already gave sorcery blade to new years anna, I thought I did decent with her kit as well. I had one lewyn and gave it to my soleil for the wrong reasons some time ago, and didnt give special spiral 3 over, just 1. I have a ton of units that I could fodder but not enough that I like little enough for most skills i want to give to other units.

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Atk smoke is actually so she can take a few extra hits if she needs to, but that does only work when she hasnt gotten low from attacking before special activates. I might add some other skills in and swap things around, also I wasnt sure if lull speed/def was better, or her base b skill.

Only thing I would change is the special. Keep FB and run moonbow to proc it every round, or run luna and a different seal and she’ll proc every other round

Also why no rally atk/spd+? You got the SP, man

Flashing blade is kind of a meh seal with the +4 atk seals we have now for infantry since they have time’s pulse access.

Time’s pulse in her C and SS2 seal with moonbow would pretty much squeeze out every last bit of dmg you could get out of her.

I mean… Flashing Blade increases Special charge while Sturdy Blow/Swift Sparrow gives more stats. They’re not even comparable. One is better in certain situations while the other is better in certain situations.

Should have clarified - also with time’s pulse.

If you can afford the fodder (and assuming no slaying effect), it makes flashing blade mostly redundant unless you want to use it to run a 3 cd special. Usually, ss2 + time’s pulse + moonbow/ruptured is better than TP + flashing seal + 3 cd special, and is definitely better than using a smoke skill and FB seal.

So I should give her swift sparrow instead of atk/speed push? As well as fodder my sothis, or I keep atk/speed push, use swift sparrow seal and still fodder the sothis? I had another because decent damage plus a heal so I can use her for ever fight, but I guess technically she wont be getting hit back and I just need to make sure she doesnt get hit, which I already do. I’m still not sure if i should keep lull spd/def or use her ruse skill instead.

And I’m torn for what to do with my fallen f!corrin’s skills, since I have one of her to keep, and one for fodder, but my issue is sudden panic seems useful and so does atk/speed solo.

Firesweep users want all-out-damage and spd. Definitely not worth foddering SS3 to her - if anything, atk/spd push 4 is better. Lull is a lot better than a ruse skill on her.

As for Sothis…really depends if you are planning on merging Eleonara up, time’s pulse is very valuable.
Basically time’s pulse lets you do one of two things:

  1. use a 2 charge special with ss2 seal. If she doubles, then she will proc her special on the second hit. If she ko’s with the second hit, then she will get the cd reduction from time’s pulse on her following turn, and repeat.

  2. use a 3 cd special, probably luna with the flashing blade seal. Similar thing as before, but you trade the spd/atk from the ss2 seal for being able to use a 3 cd special.

Compared to not having time’s pulse and using flashing blade, you are basically giving up 4 atk and 4 spd in exchange for a free C slot (but C slot is generally unimportant for a non-support/tank). Or you get to run luna for “free” over moonbow. It’s your call, really just depends on how far you are going with her investment wise. She’ll work just fine with what you have now, but she could still get some extra offense.

What ivs do your fallen corrins have? Regardless, I would not fodder them unless you really want sudden panic. atk/spd solo isn’t really that rare.

Which seal do you mean, theres a few that are SS

swift sparrow 2

Well this is mine

I’ll try to pull an Igrene to give her Life and Death 4 because blazing light excludes buffs (or ar least I think so).
I gave her that C skill because I was’t using B!Alm.

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Ayyy same hat!

I find Brazen Atk/Spd and Spd smoke or Def Smoke vibe really well👌

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