My favourite Tier 5 raid boss

It’s so easy to do:

I feel the solo is possible with neutral counters and weather boost. For example, a bunch of Garchomps on windy weather can make it happen without super-effective damage. And also, this is a good way to get rare candies and GRBerries. Sadly, it will only be here for 3 days :( Still, a great opportunity to farm some items :smiley:

Pokebattler says 236s with L50 Garchomp but it would need a relobby. Would that be too much?

Too much investment? Yes. Keep on mind it depends on the moveset. While Psycho Boost and Dark Pulse will cause relobby, Zap Cannon ones won’t. In the video it only took out 3 of 6 Garchomp with a nice time to spare.

D’oh. I only saw the first run with the dark types, didn’t watch on enough.

I’ve got 3 L50 Garchomp, so I could theoretically do that. Seeing as we got a flood alert tonight, I’m not optimistic of windy weather. Although with pogo in-game weather anything is possible

It’s also great to have real underground raid teams:
Alolan Muk

and the like…

Did one yesterday with a conservative team and had 110 seconds left - even easier than that bidoof one-timer if I remember correctly. Ironically, they are quite rare here today and yesterday.

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I’m quite curious about Bisharp though. It’s the only Pokemon that triple-resists Psychic-type attacks. How is it’s performance in raids? I would love to know. The only thing I’m aware of it it’s has a respectable attack stat.

It’s in the non-shadow dark top ten (ranked 6 to 9 depending on the psychic raid), basically a bit worse then weavile, honchkrow and absol. Due it’s bad defense stats, its triple resistance is not THAT great, but it’s a bit better than weavile when the raid features psychic attacks. Something you would use because of the rarity and it’s looks. Unfortunately, mine is not really high, had no fortune with 12km eggs lately

UL Escavalier and Trevenant are also great options.