My FEH Unit Wishlist

So everyone is posting about units that they have and I’m getting jealous, because most of them are units that I want. That got me thinking and I got this idea. So here are my top 5 by color (note, these are units that I’d use, not for skill inheritance use):
Red: 5. Igrene 4. Duo Byleth 3. Mirabilis 2. Lysithea 1. Fallen Julia
Blue: 5. Brave Lucina 4. Groom rafial 3 legendary Julia 2 legendary chrom 1 Ophelia
Green: 5. l! Hector 4. L! Celica 3. B! Miciah 2. Soirée Reinhardt 1. L! Edelgard
Neutral: 5. HS! Xander 4. Eleonora 3. Leila 2. Brammimond 1. L! Leif


Please, post the list of units that you wish you had. I’m curious what everyone else’s wishlists are

Brave Lysithea x11
Larcei x4


100 of every unit


Thank you Shinx :feh_nino:

Anyways for mine

Marianne x11

That is all. :feh_flaynsmile:


I don’t really want units ; I mostly just want a bank filled with an unlimited amount of feathers, just to have fun doing 3-4 star projects.

but hey, that’s just me. :feh_lucyshrug:


I try to keep to only one serious merge project per color, so I don’t go too far into Whale Territory. I fail, but you know. Anyway:

Red: Fallen Julia’s my main focus. Julia’s my second favorite in the series, I really like her fallen alt.
Blue: Ishtar. A recent decision after finishing Micaiah, but I like Ishtar a lot, and wouldn’t mind getting her merged up.
Green: Annette. I like my support units, and Annette is the perfect combination of great support, great offensive presence, and all-around solid stats.
Colorless: Valentine’s Faye. Come on, double special heroes banner this month. I’m ready for it.

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Whatever powercreep unit that eventually exists x11
Ashe x44
Ashe alt x44

Serious list:

  1. L!Chrom
  2. L!Roy
  3. Brave Dimitri
  4. Dimitri
  5. Y!Merric
  6. Dedue
  7. Annette
  8. Gordin merges lmao
  9. Mercedes merges while we’re at it

*Did you know that when you start a list, the next numbers you type in don’t matter and they’ll automatically go down the list?

Random List list:

  1. Ashe
  2. Mercedes
  3. Sylvain

I put 1, 4, 5 and it changes the listed numbers to go down the list. Pretty random but aloso pretty cool.


Severa plus 11
Selena minus a hundred thousand million bajillion fafillion

Enough merges to +10 these

If I could will into existence

Brave Laegjarn or

I’d settle for

Just no Healers (may be willing to compromise on this if IS introduces a Divine Wrath or something as an offensive special - why waste that art???)



Red: Lysithea, Sothis,

Green: L!Edelgard, L!Celica

Blue: Duo Alphonse, L!Chrom

Colourless: L!Leif, Duo Micaiah

I do want lots of units, but thinking quickly this are my top whises

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Legendary Chrom x7
Legendary Seliph x10
Lena x8

Red: Igrene, Skylivia, S!Joshua, NY!Anna x7 and F!Ike x8
Blue: L!Chrom, Lilith, S!Lyn, Fjorm x6 and A!Anna x5
Green: L!Edelgard, Y!Merric, S!Reinhardt, W!Sothis and Gerik x7
Colorless: Mila, Leila, Eleonora, Claude x7, and 10 each of Bride!Micaiah and B!Camilla

Other: B!Claude x11

Red: Brave Celica, Karla, Legendary Eliwood, Hoshidan Summer Micaiah, and Spring Idunn
Blue: Brave Lucina, Legendary Julia, Ophelia, Ishtar, and Micaiah
Green: Valentine Alm, Surtr, Deirdre, Sonya, and Winter Sothis
Colorless: Bramimond, Leila, Leanne, Velouria, and Bridal Fjorm

I kind of want young Caeda because of how oppressive her kit is.

L Seliph would be nice,but I’m not willing to spend orbs in him.

All deadly units. Mira is great support, hope you get them soon.

I can say I’m waiting on Dieck to be added to the game, that’s it for me

Dear Feh i have been a good summoner this year, i havent used Cancerzura on arena and AR-D or AR-O. For this Fehmas here is the unit wish list:
2 Echidnas
3 Mercedes
1 Brave Ike
6 Hectors
2 Lewyns
2 Leilas
1 Hel
1 Bow Hinoka +atk
1 H! Dozla +res
1 Duo Ephraim
1 Lleif
1 Forsyth +res
6 atk/push 4 fodder units (any unit with the skill)
1 Kliff
1 Silque
1 Lena +def
4 Gennys
My thanks