My first +10 project - Thoughts?

So, I finally settled on who I’m going to fully merge: OG Camilla! Because; one, I love flier emblem teams; and two, I already have 10 4-star Camillas just hanging out in my barracks.

Now, I would really like your opinions since I’m not that great at this game. Which one of these builds should I go for? Standard player phase or magic wall/support. For the magic wall build, I can go for +Res.

If you have a completely different build you recommend, please do share.

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Thank you for the tag, @TMFM.

So firstable,your builds are pretty good,although,your second one is functional enough,but I feel it reduces her potential as a mixed tank.

Here’s my main build on mine:

She is my go-to tank in AR (granted,I’m only tier 17 but i digress), and in any other mode in general and she’s always done a great job towards it.

This is a build oriented towards mostly mixed teams,but I have this second set here that I use when I’m using her in a flying team (as I will for the 2 weeks where Altina will be a bonus unit):

Mine has my Summoner Support mainly because she’s my favourite character and also,because the extra stats really helps.

Even if her role is to tank,I still think it would be better if you went for a +Atk IV,because if you could go +Res to negate more magic damage,her attack is still on the low-ish side; 47 attack is by no means impressive.

Camilla is the prime example of a ‘Jack of all-trades,master of none’ as in she can do many roles but never really exceed in many;she’s a great tank,but not the best, incidentally,she’s a good offensive unit,but not massively great either.

But if you’re really willing to invest into her,she’ll be a great asset to you;not only as an offensive unit,but also as a great support unit with her PRF and whatnot.

Also,I don’t have it on mine but a great weapon for Tank Camila is Halloween Dorcas’s weapon: Hack-O’-Lantern,where it grants Guard:it could free the B-slot that you could put something else in,like a Chill skill or even Flier Formation like you show above (if she’s in a flying team of course)

If you have any more questions,feel free to ask;I am pretty much the Camilla expert on here. :feh_camillamug:


Thank you for your detailed reply! I only have one DC fodder, but now I’m sure I won’t regret using it on Camilla.

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You’re very welcome,I do hope you’ll enjoy using her as much as I do. :feh_birbpeek: