My first 5* exclusive +10

With todays summoning, I can make my first +10 that is 5* exclusive, Brave Ike! :bike:

Took about 130 Orbs to get the last 3 copies, pretty good I’d say! :ikestare:

I havent merged them yet, but here they are

I’m probably going to use him for both arena and aether raids with builds like these. In Aether Raids I’ll use him with BLucina to make up for the missing Steady Breath.

Aether raids


What do you think? Any suggestions for the builds? I would like to run Null C Disrupt for AR, but I don’t have it right now. Is +atk the best IV or should I do something else?

I also randomly pulled two Grays on the last batch. Should I go with neutral, +atk, +res or +hp on that?


Have you ever found units that needed steady breath?

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Brazen with QR and Aether?

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Congrats,I have 6 of him (5 pitybreakers) and been thinking about investing in him since my edelgard maxed HM awhile ago.

Forgot to add, he is quite the monster :+1:


Huh, I didn’t really think Brazen and QR through, did I? :thinking:
Was thinking about QR in the seal slot, but I don’t really know what other B Skill to give him. Maybe QR and Fierce Stance?

Nice work! I did the same today, took about 400 orbs to get the 7 copies I needed.

I didn’t get a +atk copy so kept the neutral nature as it seemed to have better mixed bulk . +Atk or neutral seems to have the best recommendation on the game press page, so it depends on if you want to prioritise bulk or attack. I use null c disrupt with brave Lucina in aether raids and he was great at +3, so looking forward to the results of +10!


Not really. I mean I have Nowi, Fjorm, Normal Ike… but I never felt it was really worth it to sacrifice a BIke, since I don’t use any of them too much or their current A skill is fine too.

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You could give him a Deflect Seal

I mean… no, but does it actually stack? Second attack doing only 4% sounds kind of fun.

Nice! I was looking to do the same thing! Maybe I should just wait for a Nailah so I don’t waste a DC fodder. Too bad you didn’t pull a +atk, that’s pretty unlucky, but I’m sure he’ll be fine like this too.
I think +atk is the best, since it helps the healing/oneshotting with Aether and the defensive stats don’t do as much with the % reductions.

Very true. I think there’s a null skill banner due this month, so if Nailah’s on it could be a good opportunity to get both.

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It doesn’t completely stack for a 160% damage reduction.
It does stack in some sort, but I’m not quite sure how.

Here a comparison:

Buffed Bladetome with much Atk

My Ikes build and his stats

Damage with Deflect Seal

Damage without Deflect Seal

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Oh, nice! The second hit probably does 4% damage (20% * 20%), but it’s kind of hard to calculate with your setup. That’s a nice Ike though. I like how 53 * 2 = 14

Also here with a 54 Res Iceberg without Deflect Seal

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Also here with Deflect Seal and Special as second hit

Iceberg dealt 4 damage

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AYE! Congrats!

Dang, I spent around that much only needing 2 and only got a Dorcas and Ishtar to show for it.

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That is exactly how it works. The extra 16% doesn’t make much of a difference (to me at least) so it doesn’t feel worth using Deflect over another Seal, but to each his own.

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