My first accidental 5☆+10

Well, it’s finally happened. I’m a day-1 FEH player, I’ve been here since back in the old Q&A board days, but here - on the eleventh hour of the 17th of October in the year 2022 - O habe finally completed my first accidental +10 of a 5☆ unit.

I didn’t particularly want 'em, I never consciously pulled for 'em; but damned if the game wasn’t gonna give 'em.

I present to you: our boy!

Guess I should actually probably invest in him, now.

The DFs are because he’s one of my only usable Binding Blade units

Who should I be tagging here? Who’s the Roy squad I guess I’m now part of?




Obligatory @RoysOurBoy


Welcome to the club.


I do love me some accidental +10’s

Nagi at the bottom due to +10’ing her on L.Edelgard banner when I wasn’t wanting Nagi… but by saying that I probably should have put L.Celica there also since I +10’d her at the same time but at least I use her over Nagi


Accidental +10s are always weird. You think “Oh, there’s another one” and realize you’ve got a +10 on your hands that you may have rarely used. Shout outs to my +10 Leif who I’ve literally never summoned for

Bit sad that ya got a 5* unit who’s job can be done the same but cheaper with his father but it’s a +10 nevertheless so congrats!

Galeforce seems a bit boring, or at least overdone on him, maybe try Ignis spam or something of the likes? Just throwin’ out ideas if you do want to invest into him.


Luckily, my Eliwood isn’t any more invested in than my Roy. XD

On mine: because I haven’t update hus build since maybe Year 2.
In general: because Galeforce works well with Durandal.

That said, if I did invest in him, I think I’d do something more like this.


Very similar to what I was thinking. His weapon and Surge give him a fat 54 Defense so 42 damage when Roy’s special goes off is nothing to scoff at and that’s just looking at his A and special. Trace is nice for getting out of situations and adds the extra debuffs(Might want Flow Force or a similar future skill that disables guard) and the C skill works great. Maybe a different SS though? Thought the Catch would be fine but Atk/Def Solo would probably give you more mileage. Either that or even something more basic like Sturdy Blow.


Ah, Mr no feathers needed Galeforce fodder. Congrats, I think.

Closest I’ve ever come is Myrrh with 7 off focus copies but I got my first and the last 3 on purpose. That said, I could have +10 Brave Ike if I cared enough about him to merge all my current copies, and that’s having foddered about 5 or 6 for Steady Breath.


I actually made a small mistake in the builder, that’s supposed to be Bonfire. XD
Roy gets +1 CD/attack from Durandal and doesn’t have Slaying; so his attack would put Bonfire at 1, the counter would prime it, and his followup would activate it.

I’m probably gonna stick with Catch for his seal slot. It gives him a nice little chunk of ATK and, more importantly, gives him more durability. He’s looking at about 74 SPD as it it, and while 80 SPD would be a nice, round number, I want him to be able to take a hit in return, so he needs some more DEF. I could use A/D Solo, but it’s the same stat gain but with higher competition for the skill. The only unit of mine fighting Roy for the Catch is Masquerade Eldigan.


You can use Ignis as the effect refine has player phase special fighter for two cooldown from his and the foe’s attack.