My first adult decision, buying a Switch

Hey guys, so I haven’t posted here in a few days or so. But that’s because I graduated, had a graduation party, and have just been taking time for myself. And my mom came to me yesterday and talked to me, because she knows that I’ve wanted a Switch for a long time time. And she just questioned me, now that I’m an official adult (18 and done with school), knowing that I’d make my own decisions for here on. And she knows getting a Switch is my top priority.
Now, with the money I have from graduation congratulations cards, I now have $600+ saved up personally. So I can totally afford it myself. But my mom posed the question if I really need it. And tbh, no. But I feel like after all the shit I went through in my senior year, all the bullshit malarkey that I had to put up for 5 or 6 years where i live with no computer or internet with my out of date consoles and having not gotten a new game in probably that same amount of years, I think I deserve this. I’m not discrediting her, because once I move back to Florida which should hopefully be in 1 or 2 months, I know my life is gonna begin. I know I’m gonna have to learn to drive, I know I’m gonna have to find a job. So yeah, maybe I won’t have full time frames to play it like I did with say… My Wii U. Or my 3DS. But I still think that I deserve this.
She also brought up the point that “is the Switch really going to be relevant in 2 to 3 years”, which, while it is a veried point, I don’t think I have to worry. The Switch has only been around for about 3 years and I think we got waaay more time than that. The Switch is gonna be around for a long ass time. Honestly, my prediction is that it won’t truly stop falling out until 2024 or 25, and even then we’ll probably only be getting like… XLs of it or something by then. I don’t think we’ll be getting another console from Nintendo maybe until as late as 2027 or 29 if I’m not sounding like I’m stretching things. So as much as I can see her point, I don’t think it’s going to be a “wasted purchase” or anything.
And… Yeah. Maybe I don’t need it, but I think I deserve it. She said she wouldn’t be disappointed in my decision because it’s mine. This is something I’m paying for with my own money in person. Not sending her with my money to purchase it herself. Because then she bought it. No. I’m an adult now, and I think that this is my first big adult step in life.

So yeah, I’m leaving the No Switch gang soon guys! For real. I don’t know when exactly because electronic retails might still be closed down but I’m getting a Switch soon when I get the chance. I’m hoping I’ll get some kinda bundle with it, if a 3H bundle exists I’ll get that. But yeah, this is what I’m doing. I hope you guys support me in this first adult decision I’m making :feh_legion:


Congratulations for adulting! Welcome to the other hell.


The hell? I wish I had that much money from simply graduating. :joy:

It’s funny because it seems like my mom is the complete opposite of yours when it comes to this.

My mom knew that I wanted a switch as well, but I keep telling her no because I don’t actually need it, but she still insists on trying to get me one. If it wasn’t for the Switch being out of stock in every store due to people buying them all (I guess boredom due to quarantine) then I’d probably have one already.


Oh that wasn’t what i got in total, I got like $400 something dollars in total from graduating. The $600 is adding to what I saved :dollar::heavy_dollar_sign::feh_annawink::heavy_dollar_sign::dollar:


Ah, gotcha.

I honestly can’t remember what I got from graduating, lol. All I remember was that I didn’t wanna be there (this was a few years ago) and I hated that people were making such a big deal over it lol.


Congratulations, dude :sunglasses:


Congrats Shield!!! :feh_flaynsmile:

Now go s support Marianne have fun playing 3h!

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I hope all the backlash i get for my opinion on it being overhyped was warranted :feh_legion:


Honestly the only thing 3h has going for it is it’s cast tbh. But the cast is amazing :feh_flaynsmile:

So yeah probably warranted :feh_legion:


Yup, checks out. Welcome to adulthood!

Consoles usually stick around for 6+ years, unless they flop hard. cough WiiU, Virtual Boy cough


Honestly, I dunno what game I want first if/when I get a Switch.

I hear Octopath Traveler is pretty decent, and, of course, there’s Three Houses (and I still don’t know all of the story since I kinda stopped spoiling myself a little after Edelgard’s and Dimitri’s route, like a little bit after the time skip), but I dunno if there’s anything else I’d rather play.

I’ll have to do some digging, lol.


Nice! I got my switch at the beginning of this year, it’s been serving me well for my Puyo Puyo Tetris and Fire Emblem Three Houses binge gaming at night :feh_nini:


You are 18. Go have some fun. Pew pew. (Congrats on graduating).

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Congrats on graduation! Are you going to college or getting a job? If you’re going to college, it will feel similar money-wise, but if you get a job, your money inflow and outflow will be very different (pro tip: eating out is expensive—a huge money saver is cooking your own food).

Either way, I think you will enjoy the Switch. My stuff priorities at that age were a laptop, a good internet connection (my parents’ internet was terrible), and a good console. I already had a phone.

I’m now in a very different situation than you are, but I just got a Switch, and I love it. My TV is in high demand, so the portability is super useful when my TV isn’t available. Get the one that can dock if you can, but the Lite is excellent as well and saves money. I like a lot of Nintendo franchises, so having those is really nice, especially if you haven’t played them for a few years like me. I’m playing through 3H for the first time now and it’s great!


Im thinking I take a break from school. I’m not going back for a good few years. I’m gonna focus on getting a job at Universal Orlando probably :p

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I do have a great interest for OT. But like… I got a great interest for a lot of RPGs in the Switch. Especially Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive, holy shit the game is beautiful and I’m doing as much as I can to 100% it for like the 5th time by now lol

Oh good :catlie:
Watch me only like the characters, maybe even think they’re extremely overrated, and hate everything else. Watch me have the most wrong and pollarizing opinion on 3H on here and have everyone want to hate me for not liking the new perfect FE :feh_claude_gun:

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I would personally recommend botw and smash ultimate,they are both masterpieces


Wrong opinions don’t exist :feh_legion:

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Wrong, there are some cases where no opinion is wrong but if it’s my opinion ththat the sky is hot pink I am objectively wrong,