My First Ever Maxed Out Pokémon

With the abundance of Eevee last month, I decided to max out one of my Pokémon. It also happens to be my favorite of all Pokémon: Umbreon!

Do any of you have maxed out Pokémon? If so, who?


Gengar has always been my fav and gastly candy is easy so it was the first I maxed and BB’d. It’s a 15/15/14 so it drives me nuts; I feel like the only person who hasn’t caught a hundo gastly. I don’t play a ton anymore and stardust piles up so I just try to max anything with easy candy and/or a good mega. Other than that I have a Venusaur, Gyarados, Golem, Beedrill and (smackdown)Tyranitar.

Umbreon is one of my all-time favs for PvP, grats on maxing it!

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6, all PvP focused. Medicham, Bastodion, Lickitung, Diggersby, a Wobbuffet that I should use with Diggersby and Lickitung now that I think of it lol… and Umbreon. Also a Gunfisk at 49 that I actually thought I had finished but apparently not, ty for the post that made me look.

Edit: can use search string candyxl to relatively easily search your mons

I have a few, mostly pve.

On my main account:
Venasaur, Charizard, Rampardors. Gengar, Rhyperion (x2), dragonite, garchomp, metagross, ice darumaka, machamp (x2), excadrill

For PVP I have a maxed melmeltan and palkia

Working projects (non legendary): swampert (44), gardevoir (47), blastoise (46), snorlax (42), shadow mammoswine (48). They get powered up slowly as I get missions because there is not any immediate need for them.

Then I have a lot of legendaries that I would love to power to 50 but do not have enought XL candy and at the current rate it will be 2098 before they can reach the top.

Long term I plan to get a hydregion and a gyarados but I am waiting for a good IV lucky specimen… and then something bug or poison, have not decided yet.

16 at L50, all top PvE stuff, most of it CD or event featured and which I specifically targeted for catch and distance trade. For the couple of legendaries, I will confess to going a bit ‘whale’ to get those to 50, especially the Ray. I’ll also have my shundo Tina-O at 50 before Halloween is out.

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My palkia is the result of cheating, just a fake walking account collecting XL and then lucky trade it into my main. GPS does not drift in my new phone at home so I used 3rd party software.

I have a Zacian ready to trade but still waiting on the “lucky friendship”.

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I’ve been defit walking my Tina-O overnight for months but it’s still an incredibly slow process - some doesn’t register, the candy cap etc. I do have an alt account, plus my partners that she no longer plays. Unfortunately, following an accident involving a can of a popular soft drink, a compartment in the dashboard of the car, my phone and the application of centrifugal force, I no longer have the technology to use two accounts simultaneously.

But yes, I do wait to go lucky friends to transfer stuff between them all.

Even in the most optimal situation Defit can walk 10km/h. So you would need 2 hours to collect one XL candy 296/2 = 148 hours of defit walking under optimal conditions. You also are not sure you get an XL candy each time you get an candy (best odds I believe from level and up are around 80%)… I also believe that there is an 40km cap for candy on your Buddy a day (not sure but seem to remeber to have read something like that).

So if you need like 200 XL candies you are looking at walking your 20km/candy for 3 months or more… you would better walk your Karp you can collect enough candies in about a week :wink:

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My first was, of course (so easy and so useful): Gyarados

Other than that, only this as something a bit more unique among the typical stuff,

Yep, those are exactly the problems with Legendaries. Tina-O is my favourite so I’ve been doing it since I got a shundo via a lucky trade a few months ago but yes, usually I’ve targeted easier options with top PvE performance like Rhyhorn and Swinub.

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The thing is you can get candy XL for gyarados in other ways such as catching (with Mega boost works wonders) or distance trading.

For legendaries XL you either walk or pay for raid passes… the process is very slow and that’s why even cheat-walking I only have one lv50 legendary.

Multiaccounting obviously allows you to walk legendaries “in parallel” reducing the time.

Oh yes, I was always curious about other people habits regarding this.

I have just 3 maxed out to L50:

  • My 1st hundo ever (Gyarados from August 2016)
  • Melmetal
  • …one of my Pikachu Libre. It’s the one I earned with Legend rank, not the “free” Rank 10 we got a couple of years ago.

I wasn’t really suggesting to @Oaf or anybody else to change to Magikarp I was merly pointing out that walking 20km Mons isn’t the most efficient way to collect XL candies. I think Oaf got my point.

And yes I do understand that walking some Pokémon is the way to get those XL’s that would otherwise almost be impossible to get (the same applies to Mega-energy you can get that also by walking once you have evolved one of that spieces and with Mega-energy you get just as much walking a 1 or 5km Pokémon for the 5km you just need to wait a bit longer (5 energy per walked km)).

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Congrats on your first.

I have 11 at level 50, but that includes 6 machamp (5 regular hundos and a 89% shadow).

I just started playing earlier this year but I’m very close to maxing out my 4 star metang (will be my first maxed out pokemon) but I think I’m going to evolve it into metagross first. It’s also close to being best bud. What do yall think? I nicknamed it Hardedge after ff7 sword for cloud. Also have 4 star gardevoir I’m working on.


You could wait until there is an event that will give Meteor Mash to it during evolution (at least while there is not immediate use for it in raids). If not you will need to spend an ETM to get the move, metagross is way better this way.

I am working on a couple of shadow metagross in one of my accounts, it is a great pokemon.

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Definitely evolve it when Meteor Mash is next available as @carodavide suggests. Whichever format you use it in it’s by far the best move on Metagross.

It shows how many times I played the original FF7 through on PS1 that I instantly knew what you meant and that you steal it from Shinra soldiers in the lift up the building the first time there. Sometimes I can’t remember what day it is but I’ve hung into that :laughing:. I might rename my best shiny Darkrai Death Penalty.

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I suspect the next time Meteor Mash will be available will occur in February 2024 → Hoenn Fest.

Not too much of a wait.

2023? I’m really hoping Hoenn-Tour releases the signature moves for the weather trio too.

man well I’ll tell you what I don’t have many, these are what I have

I also have a Mamoswine, Metagross, and Sableye -cough cough please let that endeavor be over soon- on the way. I have a bunch of legendaries at 40 and I’m not even gonna try to drag them to 50 at this rate, they just need to bring back MLP.