My first ten +10 heroes showcase

I finished building my tenth +10 merge today!
I have not displayed many of my heroes on here yet, and also I have not created a topic on Gamepress before, so I thought that this would be a great topic for my first thread.

At the moment, I do not have any 5-star exclusives maxed out, so all of my heroes that you will see here are from the 3/4 pool or grail units. Some of my +10s are possibly generic or are in various stages of skill inheritance (just waiting for the right fodders to show up) but I am happy with all of them nonetheless. There really is no other point to this thread other than for me to write, so I hope you enjoy!

First up… The star of the show! Mr. Number 10!

I am very happy with how he turned out due to the premium skills that I was able to acquire and stack onto him. I hope to utilize him as an offensive-support depending on the situation. This took quite a bit of investment, so I hope that his build pays off in the long run.

The rest of my +10s in no particular order…


Soleil was my very first +10 project. She was vital in countering Veronica in the early days of Aether Raids. She has since become outdated and I anxiously await to see what sort of weapon refine she gets.


Eliwood has a simple galeforce build. He is very useful in my Rokkr Siege setups because he does not trigger enemy specials.


A typical Aversa support build.


A simple enemy-phase DC build with no high investments so far. I would like to swap out for a better C-skill eventually.


All she needs is a better B-skill and she will be set to destroy anyone that crosses her path. For now, I mainly use her as a galeforcer in Arena and Rokkr, and although it is not an “exciting” skill, leaving Pass in the B-slot does allow for the occasional back-line assassination at crucial moments.


I had a handful of B!Lysitheas from last year’s CYL event, so I gave one to Tailtiu. I did this with the idea that the Push 4 would help get her into her Wrath trigger more effectively than Fury could.

Hana (Ninja)

While I have seen a majority of players swap out the Masakari for an assortment of other axes, I am presently content with with her base weapon set.



Louise (Bridal)

When she was first announced, I was starstruck by the amazing quality of her artwork. I hope to recieve a Lull Spd/Def fodder for that B-slot someday.

If you managed to wade through all of that, I appreciate you for taking the time to read my first thread. Although I am not particularly looking for advice, since most of my weak spots are simply waiting for the right skill fodders, if you have any comments/suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Thank you, and have a great day!


Congrats on your +10s! Pretty good roster you got there :catclap:


Congrats. That’s a nice collection. I’ve got half of them at +10 too so I must also congratulate you on your great taste.


Congrats on the 10 +10s! :fgo_ereshwoah: I should be approaching that soon myself but depending on how long some copies take it could be a while :catroll:

Good luck on the fodder :feh_nino:



I guess the only suggestion I have would for Marth to maybe run a rise in B, which were in the limited time codes recently. He’s good support, so might as well capitalize on that.


Yeah, I have been considering incorporating a Ruse as a back-up B-skill for ultimate de-buff shenanigans.