My first two Ascended Units (besides Ascended Fjórm)

First one is the original Male Robin. He’s married to Laevatein and supplies her with blue buffs and Adaptive Damage as well as being a pretty solid physical tank. He also supplies Light season AR units with buffs and on his own has the capability of baiting Staves:

Second is Gangrel:

He’s my Astra AR unit and works great in the role. Close Reversal + Null Follow-Up and his true damage against units with penalties and Flayn support makes him a lot tankier than he seems and Spd/Res Form instead of Spd/Res solo let’s him stay adjacent to his support when it matters (which matters often enough for me).


Jealous of that Gangrel tbh

Wishing to get Close Reversal and Panic Smoke for him at some point too (and am extremely tempted to go +Spd on him as well) but orbs have been pretty scarce and saving my Florets until after I max merge my Myrrh…


He’s so good. He laughs at L!Lilinas and doesn’t mind other magic AoE special users like Ophelia either. I use him with Plumeria, Ashera, Reginn, and then one more Astra Mythic to stack stats super-high, alongside Flayn for DR and additional healing. His Res-based True Damage and in-combat spectrum buff makes him a rather bulky and hard-hitting 2R tank despite the Noontime special and colorless feels incredibly good to field to boot.

I also like how well that weapon of his has aged, especially compared to the other GHB prf dagger user.


That’s a nice Gangrel :feh_ceciliaculture: I don’t use him as a carry but I enjoy using him a lot when I have to use awakening units. Him showing up in the awakening HoF would be a dream come true. My build for him is kinda meh.

Too bad you still lose your asset when you merge into a forma soul, now you would lose your Ascended Floret as well! :feh_elisad:

Yeah, though I at least do not need to need to forma a Gangrel since I built him the usual way.

Nice !

About to make a thread so everyone can show what units they plan to ascend long term