My friend's shiny lucario

hello everyone,

when the sinnoh event was on, back in january, one friend of mine hatched a shiny rioly with 12/12/15 iv’s (86,7%) not the best ivs in the world but whatever…
He is not interested in investing for second lucario he already has one, he unlocked second charge move and he evolved it for me with the proper moveset (counter - aura sphere/shadow ball). We arre best friends for a month now and yet we havent reach the ‘‘lucky’’ friends status .

The questions are:
1)when we become lucky friends lucario’s ivs will be better that his current ones or worst? ( because if the ivs fall under 86,7 then apparently its not worth it)
2) for how much longer do we have to open gifts and battle each other to hit lucky status and that has to happen in daily basis???

Thank u in advance

lucky trade IV floor is 12/12/12, so while it could come out worse than its current IV % it will most likely come out much better

If you’re asking questions about IVs you don’t need to worry about them. You only get one shot at lucky friends each day so open a gift, trade a Pokemon, or battle each other once and move on. There is no way to increase your chance.

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It’s just a time thing. You have to keep plugging away at it, one chance a day, and hope for the best.

Thank u for your responses, I hope it will happens as fast as possible, although I forgot to mention that my friend is level25 and I’m 37 I don’t know how much that effects the ivs

I hope the fact that I’m at level 37 and he’s at level 25 does not effect much the ivs…

Level doesn‘t effect the IVs at all in trades. The floor for Lucky Trades is 12/12/12. The only thing that might change is the Pokemons CP if you send him one that is higher than Lvl 25, in that case it will be set down to 25.