My Gae Dokutah Heart Is Broken

Try to do SilverAsh Banner,got Skyfire .Try to do the latest banner for Executor,got Mayer…fu-
Then i try my hope at the Certificate Shop,but they are selling girls instead…fu-
Everytime i try to get some cute boyz ,the girls will just come and slap hardly at my gae heart…motherfu-
It’s not that i dont like my girls,it just that my team is all female!The only boys i have are Midnight,Noir,Ansel,Courier,Steward and that’s it!? I just want 5* Male Operators,why? Why is the gacha so cruel!?

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And also the time i started playing Arknights, Flamebringer event just ended literally the day before…what in the actual fu-

Hey that sucks, Broca will come on the next banner, maybe you’ll get him.

And if not, maybe you can help out the regularly drunk and very rarely used 4* defender dude that probably needs a break from the dorm bar.

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The roster is about 17% male, 83% female so yeah. Husbandos are kind of rare in this game.

Did you miss Bison as well? :( I mean, he’s still a kid, I guess, but he is a cute guy nonetheless)
But I do relate to girls coming instead of guys [stares at Meteorite and Executor from the latest banner]

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I hate how the cutest skins goto the lower ranking operators .

Like this . I always had a soft spot for her .


broca wont be in the certificate shop ,now im devastated

Feels like the game is messing with me everytime i try to pull a hot guy

I just want Executor, but life gave me dupe Mayer and Meteorite? Why does it always have to be Mayer? She’s now pot 5 and I got her on off rates.

Now I’m afraid since I can only do the guarantee for Broca and Hung. It hurts.

Good luck on SilverAsh. He’ll come at you someday.

Yeah, and that looks set to continue as well.

I mean these two are almost unrecognisable

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Yeah no kidding, Who the heck is the first operator? (Being serious lol)

It’s Beagle

Funny as hell

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