My game broken after update?

Today there was a silent update to the game (my iphone installed it automaticaly) as the start up screen changed, but everything is buggy.

Item descriptions are not shown, instead itm_pokeball_desc is written instead of pokeball description, for instance.

In battles, quick attacks are not shown, and using a charged move pauses the game forever, the charged move won’t come, I think animations are missing. Tried it with a rocket baloon three times. Had to reset the app each time.

I have an iphone xr with ios 13.5.1 , and my pokemon go app shows 0.181.0-A-64 as the version.

So… Am I the only one experiencing this?

Umm. I’m not having issues with the app today on my iPhone. I’m not sure what you mean by reset the app. Have you tried deleting the app and downloading it again from iTunes?

I uninstallef and redownloaded the app. Still having ghe same issues.

Item descriptions are gone

In battles, fast attacks do not play animations, and if either side uses a charge move the game just hangs indefinitely

Dont know what is wrong :frowning:

I’m not sure if you were able to fix the app.

I know when I was having problems with the app I did turned off my phone and turned back on. I also reset my iPhone to factory settings once or twice.

Not sure if this will help but the reset to factory settings only helped me kick out some the bugs that were left over from the help I got from Niantic support.

Also send your screenshot to Niantic support?

It is still broken. Tried on another iphone, same. Contacted niantic support via ingame menu and asked to the bot there, the game told me I have an answer from the support but I cant see the answer. What can I do, I can not do battles like this. Catching and evolving pokemon is fine, so I can enjoy the gastly day but no battles=no fun.

Fixed it! My iphone language was not set to English, that seems to be the problem. I set it to English and now everything works fine.

Weird bug. Does any non-english speakers have this issue?

I’m glad you fixed the problem with your iPhone.

In the future if you need help from Niantic Support, you have to be persistent and be very patient.