Pardon the rant, but I’ve spent 30 tickets, 1 tenfold ticket AND close to 9000 wyrmite TRYING to get one of the smithy sisters to improve my fire team.

But alas, my persistent Dragalia Lost bad luck shines through, and I get constant OFF FOCUS DRAGONS. Oh look, here’s some dark dragons you don’t need (I have fully unbound 4* dark dragon, so they are pointless, plus the event using dark characters is DONE). Also, have ANOTHER Leviathan while you’re at it!

I only got ONE 5* focus unit, and it was the FREAKING DRAGON, the one I desired the LEAST!!!

Is it so much to ask for just one focus adventurer to improve my team? IS IT!? I honestly feel like an idiot now, as I feel like I’ve made a MONUMENTAL waste of my summon resources.

Either way, I hope you guys have had better luck than me.

RNG is RNG, nothing you can do about it. But you know what? You aren’t unlucky, if you feel like you’re unlucky that only means luck has been keeping you well if you think the pulls you made are bad.
You know that statistically you were lucky to get 1 focus “unit” in around 100 pulls? That you were more lucky to get 3 5* (or maybe more idk if you told all your pulls) because you should average 1 5* every 50 pulls more or less? Also leviathan is the best dragon in the current pool so…never pull unless you got AT LEAST 200 pulls ready, or 300 for gala characters, this is what I do and I still fail all the time so go figure.

Okay I get it, “I don’t care about how lucky I was in pulling stuff, I didn’t get what I wanted” is a fair reasoning, but you know that you could have reached around 100 pulls, got a take or another useless dragon, a dupe unit or something, and then waste other pulls only to raise your pity and leave it like that because the banner ended? Things could have gotten much worse, I know, it happens to me all the time.
Gachas aren’t worth it if you can’t deal with costant awful luck.

But hey, if you want to do better summons next time do it like this:
-spend some single tickets, around 5
Did you get a 4*? Continue using some, if not wait a day
-use some others, enough to raise pity
did you get more 4*? great, your luck is good in this moment, keep rolling
-use tenfold tickets and get your 5* ì
[DISCLAIMER: results not guaranteed]

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Huh, I didn’t realise the odds were quite that unlikely to pull 5 stars. I guess that changes my perspective a bit. Thanks for letting me know that.
I’m still kinda peeved about not getting one of the main adventures, but I guess I should at least appreciate I got good dragons at least (even if I don’t immediately need them).

Sorry for the full on rant btw, I just needed to vent at the time.