My GSSR want list

This is my Want list, on the GSSR, I don’t have any, but I really hope I get what I want, stay the hell away from me rulers!!!


Why you don’t want the handsome priest?

Amakusa? I don’t like him :frowning: and he is no waifu

The last time I did this, I got exactly the only single Servant I put at the bottom.

Not this time.


The only one that can make me kind of mad its regular jeanne, she is no limited, but I lack a defensive supp on the lostbelts so its not like she would be useless

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Badass characters > Waifu’s
(for me at least)

In any case, while he’s not my favorite character he’s quite nice for gameplay.
Just keeping his original style with cape over the japanese outfit.
It’s the closest I can get to Kirei in the game, ok!?


I hope you get NP 10 Jeanne


I speak from personal experience when I vouch that NP10 Jeanne is one of the very best Servants to warm your bench.


he is not bro, and i don’t like it, u.u characters like emiya, cu, heracles i like them, because they are bro, but wih amakusa i can’t, he is useful i guess, but with skadi and all my quick servants i dont need him for farming u.u

np 10 jeanne = special summon, so its ok xd

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That’s NP 15

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My list would look very similar, only Dantes would be top alongside Jalter and Hokusai.

Low key hoping for Gorgon rather than Lobo due to Story lock never used my NP2 Lobo as it is, don’t need NP3

I like him too, if I get skadi he will be one tier up, but Jalter is the first servan I tried to get when I started playing on her first banner and failed on that, she bring me memories from my fisrt month or se playing the game so… yeah its for nostalgia I guess, Hokusai is best looking waifu for me :smiley:

Well i mean, that’s not his role. He shines mostly in hard CQs and it’s in those moments that you realize how good he is, but i guess if you don’t like his character it doesn’t really matter how good he is in the end.


I have use for all of them.

NEED THEM: i lack them. So, a new servant is always a gain

REALLY LIKE THEM: I appreciate the damage upgrade of their NP, should i pull one of them

IT’S OK I GUESS: I really want Okita alter (so i know who i’ll surely not get), the others are nice. The only bad one is Sherlock.

PLEASE NO: Both would be interesting choices. Getting NP2 one of them…why not.

How sad that you don’t like the beautiful handsome priest Kotomine Shirou with his sculptural body, or his Alter ego Santa Island Mask


My issue with Amakusa is that I feel like I’d need NP2 for him to shine (which will never happen), I’m already locked in on Kiara (who is NP2) who will remove buffs eventually and fits in my Chaldea better (Tamamo/Waver and no Merlin).

When I watched apochypa for the first tiem, I belived that he was a Emiya Shirou rised by Kotomine xd, I still think that would be quite interesting xD

Replace Hokusai with Kiara, put Melt with Jeanne and Amakusa and it’s my list

Honestly all these Servants are fine except Amakusa, I don’t hate him but I have a problem with his face. The others are fine, Jeanne would be lame because she’s not limited and Melt is my less favorite Sakuraface

I’m sure I’ll get Amakusa :fgo_meltpensive:

I’ve never been quite clear on that, his name is Shirou Kotomine right? That implies… something?