MY guy tier list (in terms of hotness)

Since everyone’s doing one of these, Here’s my ranking of each guy in Fire Emblem:

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The runner up category is who are my backup husbandos, in case something bad happens to Owain

  • Hawkeye is too low.

  • Saizo is too low.

  • Silas is too low.

  • Greil is too low.

  • Zephiel is too low.

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Wow, I would’ve never expected the top tier placements.

Also another Arden hater :ardenwoke:

Good to see someone else’s acknowledging the top tier husbando that is Innes.

Well… Greil and Zephiel are “too old” for me. They’re old enough to be my dad

I’m surprised to see Lon’qu so low.
I thought he was popular with girls

Eh… he’s Okay, he’s just… I think he’s afraid of women, something like that, so he’s lower, because I don’t wanna aggravate his fear

He’s afraid of getting too close to women, but he can marry one.

… Don’t make it weird, lol.

Age is just a number… After the legal age anyway

Greil and Zephiel are handsome (although Zephiel has less than desired art by many people’s standards).


(the Krazytre out of context bin grows larger every day)

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I’m curious just how many times you’ve taken my sentence and just saved it to your bin, lol.

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I just bookmark them. I think three times?

I forgot bookmarking was a thing.

How can Hardin be so low? He’s solid S tier

So in other words, hes meh :wink:

fuck you found my enigma machine


He’s too busy one-shotting Cecilia