My highest pityrate (and a question)

Sniped blue hoping to get a Dimitri fodder and got this after ~200 orbs. After 4.75 I was basically pushing the rate just for the sake of it to see how high I could get, and 5.75 was the number. Achievement unlocked I guess??? RIP my F2P orbs.

At least I wasn’t pitybroken by some random unit…
Oh and did I mention he came home just when I started humming Chasing Daybreak? lolol

He’s neutral, which brings me to my question: I already have a spd- res+ one, so which one should I fodder? This is the build I run on him now, mainly for MS.


You’ve already invested in the older one, so I’d keep em and fodder the other. His important stats aren’t affected.


I agree with GBro
There’s some moderately expensive fodder in that build
However, if you do decide to merge, merge into the neutral one


@GVader will tell you to fodder both of them.

Well… I only fodder him since I don’t care for him and he has great fodder