My husband has his priorities - Themed Arena Defense

He’s not on this forum, but he sent me this today, and I thought I’d share.

Do you guys go for wins on Arena Defense, or do you use themed teams? Do you try to do both at once? I’m boring, I just toss my best dudes in there.


This time it gets the max feather reward for defense, but it was NY!Lethe instead of Ashnard prior to his bonus week

And I’ll keep him even after his bonus week, may add Bride Micaiah for a bit over one of her other forms. But the point is the defense must be all Tellius

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I would expect nothing less.

I’m lazy and have no room for spare teams so I just use my Arena offense team for defense.

It has mixed results.


It’s all I need



Not very impressive, but literally no one attacks me anyway so it doesn’t matter much.

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My Defense team is nothing more than a bunch of my better, higher merged units. There isn’t really an intended theme here, but Tellius works as a coincidental one. Defense wins are sporadic. I wish they told you about Losses like they do with AR. Maybe I’d actually try to make a more competent Defense team if I knew how effective it was

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Ferdibert represent!

I just use my highest merge units. I should probably change Averse for Mini Marth though.

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For me, at this point, I don’t really think about what is meta anymore, as far as the units themselves are concerned anyway. From here, it’s based purely on favorites and how to optimize their kits for this mode specifically.

This same team is also deployed in Aether Raids Defense, along with Lewyn and Silvia.