My LA!eliwood



Soooooo close to completion.

Another 370 grails or so. Also need an assist skill for arena. Only 2 I have are on other arena scorers.


That’s a nice looking build. The dedication is really showing thanks to the Grail system.


Personally would use the seal for some (enemy phase) stats. But that’s my bias.

Good boy.


I think he’s using him for Arena, so Panic Ploy could be a good way for LA!Eliwood to be supportive - I run PP on Draug for Arena too so I’m sure he runs other seals when not running in Arena.


Like I said, personal bias


Very good


This build is really nice I want to build him too, but I have brave Hector which is stopping me from spending grails on a unit in the same movement and weapon class.


Just have two teams! I do

I got 8 units and I just mash them between Chrom, Ephraims, Amelia, Tharja, Jakob, Ike, Grima, and Hardin


You have a point I could just use Eliwood on one team and have another team with Brave Hector. I don’t know why I brain-farted and couldn’t think of this.


UPDATE ty -atk Ranulf

I know I need more flowers, but that doesn’t affect arena scores. 260 more grails and I’m done!