My Little Myrrh

This is my myrrh I plan to add fort defres 3 or DC which is better

If you keep warding stance you won’t need fortress dr

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Generally DC for ranged threats, but Fort Def/Res will make her tankier against mages but loses the ability to counter against them. I’d say DC. Fort Def/Res does help secure PP follow ups with Spirit Breath though.

Honestly, if you’re running Warding Stance in her seal slot already and she’s +Def, it depends on what teammates you’re running her with or how much you need to kill a green/red mage on enemy phase.

I think Fortress Def/Res is better? I mean not only can you make her tanky against ranged/melee units in the like, but you can also put in Lightning Breath and further refine it to increase her attack/def/res. Sure, she will have lesser attack, prevents her from being really formidable during player phase, and cannot trigger specials as consistently as with her spirit breath, but it makes her significantly more tanky and allows her to counter mages as well, making her a much more solid enemy phase unit than she already is.

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Im not a fan of fortress def/res on non healers for the most part. So my vote is obvious, I think she works much better with DC

DC is a good choice since it helps take advantage of her native adaptive damage. Plus since you’re running Warding Breath, it helps her tank magic even more. I’d consider running another teammate with a Res buff like Fortify Dragons/Res Tactics/ Fortify Armor to push her Res even higher.

Imo Lightning Breath+ with Fortress Def/Res, since frankly with armors it often works to just bulk up with literally as much bulk as possible. But it really should come down to which fodder you care about holding onto more, and if you want your Myrrh to be able to Player Phase. If you want any Player Phase at all, then go for Spirit Breath with DC. If you don’t care about that as much, then just give her whichever fodder you are less likely to need in the future, since she’s great with both.