My lonely level 1 Heroes that are collecting dust

A bit emotional~ish near the end as a warning if you aren’t into that. Understandable. I also go on tangents and twists and turns a lot. I don’t have a lot of uh what do you call them? :notes:Frieeeends​:notes: Sorry in advance to any readers. Really.

I feel like I have way too much work to do, and I’ve been taking my sweet time leveling up my babies. I like to wait for at least forging bonds or the weekend for x2 sp to make it go a little bit quicker. When I dedicate to a team, I like to put most of my time in the game into it and I want to get them fully equipped, learn each and every one of their skills, possibly get to 500 HM? And also get them to S-support with each other. I do create my teams with balance and synergy in mind so I rarely ever have to change support, unless it is beneficial for something like monthly Flier Emblem quests, where I gave Erinys and Laevatein S-support. Arena and AR too, sometimes but I don’t usually need it there.


I started a couple months ago with like maybe 4 or 5 teams I needed to work on? And I kept summoning more, but leveling up a team over the course of a day or a few days. But I started emptying out my orb reserves and my wallet, and I got very very lucky on many banners, so I now have like half of my team slots taken up. 2 - 9. One of those, they are the lv 23s and I hope to be done with it by tomorrow so I can finish up one more team by tomorrow night.

(Cue Emotionsss~) for all who want to skip

But I have times where I just don’t feel up to it, whether I’m out of energy, socially, physically or mentally exhausted, or yeah depressed. February and March were really terrible on me so maybe that’s why I’ve been spending so much time on the game and summoning and all that, spending time with my Heroes to try and fill the void that was left I guess, but not really investing enough time and energy into all the teams I had fun creating after getting all the units I wanted. At least not fully. Hence the overflow.
That’s the sad part to me. (I even basically quit Genshin because of a lot of this. Even after being incredibly lucky in the game with pulls and drops and stuff and investing hundreds of hours and having fun with my newly acquired friends… Basically the day after I got Xiao I disappeared. I’m not worried about hacking, despite Mihoyo’s notoriously terrible security. My personal security and passwords and emails are all top notch and I’ve never been hacked in my life. But that’s besides the point. But even if it was hacked, I don’t think I’d care as much as I would be impressed. Anyways, anyways…)

But I’ve been pushing through it, and recently I had to accept some things for what they became and just swallow it. I don’t know how much people talk about music or entertainment here, or BTS/Kpop, maybe they’re afraid of unwarranted toxicity and occasionally racism that comes from talking about the latter. (There also seems to be this war between some losers about anime vs kpop even though they have nothing to do with each other. If anything, Kdramas would be better placed, but those are perfect and kpop is just easier to hate because everyone does it).
But after I did that, it was BTS, who I’ve been following for 5 years almost, that cheered me up and shined the light that I needed back in my life. Them and a Japanese artist, Takayan. If anyone knows him. Really godly music and music videos. They have been helping me so much lately. There are other things too, you know. Like some story games (lately mostly VN such as Steins Gate) and anime, etc. But just not on quite the same level. Not even close. They feel like wastes of time in comparison to watching BTS. For me.

(Aand emotions over~)

I don’t know how my post got to this. Maybe I should have made it a separate topic or given it a different tone from the beginning? I’m not sure…

What I really wanted to do was ask how the rest of you guys are on your Barracks in terms of level 1s or at least non-level 40s? Do you ever feel like it’s building up too much or do you stay on top of it at all times and level up the units you wanna use immediately, like for Arena or AR?
Drop some screenshots tho if you can! How do you usually level up your units? I’ve seen many different ways of doing it, but I’ve always liked doing it this way the best.

I also like having my animations all on for that attachment and investment factor, I suppose. Otherwise it feels more mindless/emotionless to me, and I love my Heroes :sob::heart: But that’s just me, you know. We all enjoy different teas and I don’t judge anyone who does it differently.
Btw this wasn’t even all of them since I’ve got a lot of units I summoned that I instantly decided are fodder for sooner or later, but didn’t want to highlight them.

As if this post wasn’t long enough, as a side note, if I didn’t make it clear, I don’t use crystals to level up unless I need to bring them all to an equal level due to how battles play out sometimes, but mostly if I get a better IV on an already trained up unit, or if I get 2 units and want to get a bunch of skills and merge into the lv1 (but there have been 3 or more times where I just absolutely forgot to learn the skills, even after going to lv40. 1188 SP down the drain haha. Thrasir, Halloween Robin, and Raphael smh.

And that’s pretty much it. Well. It is.


If you ain’t going to use them, I’ll take that Dagr, H.Grima, Henriette, Bramimond, and Siegbert off your hands


I don’t know what this BTS thing is, and I don’t listen to Kpop ever, but I’m glad you managed to find them! Art in various forms does a lot to keep me going too, so I’m glad you found something that’s working and doing good things.


I try to pretty much level up every new 5* I get. I’m slacking on more than a couple, since mages and staff units tend to be squishy and that makes it kind of a pain, but the large majority of my 5*s are level 40. Arena Assault is one of my favorite game modes so I like having as many units as I can leveled up and combat-ready. And especially some like, say, Shinon or Igrene, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna end up losing them to inheritance eventually, so I wanna level them up and get at least some of their HM feathers first.

For leveling them up, I usually just use the Special Training maps or whatever, or GHBs if I’m feeling stingy with stamina potions. Forging bonds feels somewhat inconsistent to me unless it’s a pretty strong unit I’m leveling up, since you might get stuck with some bad matchups you didn’t see coming, and you can’t use dancers or healers unless they’re also low level or you end up with high-level enemies. But if I’m grinding it anyway I’ll try to find people who need SP.


I mean, I wouldn’t mind taking that Myrrh off your hands


I don’t be caring about feathers,dialogue or even if it’s the only copy I Manuel most heroes I never plan on using especially if the fodder is really good,some duplicates I keep incase I want to change ivs later for some reasons (like a refine),some merge projects I keep iced at lvl 1 till there finished, others ? I keep at least 1 copy of every free unit (lvl varies).



Whenever I get a new GHB unit and I know that unit is gonna be a bonus for Arena and Aether Raids on the next weeks, I train one of the 4-star versions along with three other recently summoned units.

Take for example last week where we had lots of free summons. If they’re not at max HM, I select three of them to level up alongside the new GHB unit. I use the training tower for the grinding while slowly clearing the Training Tower Quests. If the characters somehow get too strong to the point of not getting more than 1 EXP on that stratum, I go some stratums up even if I didn’t clear the specific stratum quest.
After they reach max level, I promote the 4-star GHB and put him / her to train with another trio of recently summoned units, then repeat the whole process.
If I get a focus unit from a current banner that’s also gonna be a bonus or it’s gonna be helpful for any mode, I do the same as mentioned above.

Oh, but I don’t use stamina potions, either. Whenever I’m low on these, I try to do something else and go back when the stamina has been filled enough.


My main had the advantage of starting on release when there was a lot less content so there wasn’t any rush to level anything, but I definitely feel this way about my alt. I’m always too busy focused on clearing so many story maps and Chain Challenges and the like to focus on leveling, and that’s without even getting into side stuff like TT and FB.

Honestly at this point, anything I don’t plan on remotely investing I let collect dust at 1 until they’re bonuses or I need DFs or they’re vored for skills


Trust me, you don’t wanna know how many

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I like Kpop when I first met music production and Jyp. After all he is a genius until a group called NiZiu in Japan today is already on the hit chart he started to produce. I like anime and kpop. In fact, every musical style. As a musician all good production with good marketing tastes a lot. And look, I’m a composer and producer of bossa nova of various genres. Now for Feh. Give me your Henriette. And don’t mind other people’s opinions.

“Nobody but you.” :notes:

Although it is normal for the young trend to be hated. Because of the immense success and being tacky for the elderly. But it has been like that since the Beatles appeared.


I only have a level 1+1 bunny Saleh because I haven’t give him the food he deserves, but look at so many lvl1 people :feh_morganagrom:
And yeah music is a good place for me too :feh_flaynfish: I recently started hearing Jack Stauber’s music, they are kinda weird but it has meaningful lyrics despite all, and sounds nostalgic too even if the songs are made in the 2010s I think
Another one I would give shoutout would be Maretu, a vocaloid producer, who has his own style of mixing rock with other things, particularly 8bit sounds, and also have edgy lyrics, but with meaning too :fgo_meltbirb:


All I can afford to give you is Siegbert, take it or leave it :feh_rheatea: . It’s actually the second one I’ve gotten and with bad IVs again, I think… I just got my cute (Somewhere: I AM NOT CUTE) and fluffly dragon up to lv 40 and I’ve been wanting her since her debut, lucky enough to get Veronica then 2 of her on the Double Special, and she is now on my main team sorryyy

This is… gonna be very long. Sorry ;-; But it is my duty to inform.
BTS is the most popular musical group from South Korea and recognized globally, and every member is a fantastic artist/singer and good human being and they always spread a good message and open up about a lot of things that most kpop groups and even musicians outside of kpop rarely ever do.
They can sing (without any autotune or effects needed outside of mastering a song for release), dance (they come up with their own choreography a lot of the time if not always), they write their music and lyrics (sometimes with help sometimes without), and they are like family, and care about themselves, each other, their music and their fans and how they are seen. They are kind, but not vulnerable and they’ve made disses and cyphers but never mention names. Agust D (Suga) is an example. He’s got two mixtapes. And they can be so funny to watch.
They’ve done their best (and a great job btw) at not succumbing to the overwhelming success and fame they’ve seen. South Korea even changed their laws, resulting in at least BTS not having to do mandatory military service anymore. And to me, they’ve given the world more than enough already so even if people are mad about that, I think it’s a great thing. But they’ve amassed one of the most vocal hate groups of probably all kpop on the internet. People hate BTS fans and are extremely toxic, judgemental and racist towards them and their fans and love to preach about how BTS sucks soo much, they aren’t original (some inspiration from American Hip-Hop in their earlier stuff but still not a valid point) and they don’t know how to make music, etc and if you listen to them you have bad taste in music, but I think it’s the opposite. The list goes on. It’s fine to not like them, but they take it so far and are way way more toxic than the Stans they wish to silence (never gonna happen). They make extremely tone-deaf remarks and jokes that are in extemely bad taste. They hide their racism behind them just hating on a music group that happens to be from Asia. I would know because I’ve dealt with racism my whole life growing up, too and I know how they try to hide it sometimes if even at all.
And I don’t claim to know these people personally, nor would I ever want to, but they could be the very same people who would make racist jokes and stereotypes about Asians and even other races. They just aren’t nice people or good company. All I could bear to watch was one video I saw last year, but it told me all I needed to know about content creators who bash BTS and their fans. As dumb and braindead as the arguments may sound.

  1. They’re jealous of BTS’ success and that they love themselves and are loved by millions and that people look up to and admire them instead of these haters.
  2. They’re hating because their lives are so sad they have nothing better to do.
  3. They rely on others’ toxicity in their audience to gather a drop of success while they use BTS’ name in their clout-chasing, whether from equally terrible human beings or kpop/BTS fans who fall for the bait and boost the video by commenting and cause more comments by people probably being shitty to them in the replies. I didn’t comment on the video, and any others I’ve seen in my recommendations I just don’t give the time of day. I’m smarter than they are.
  4. Their taste in music isn’t as good as they like to believe. That wouldn’t be called into question and neither would the next one, if they didn’t say anything at all.
    And 5. This sounds shallow, but who is shallow in this situation? me or them? lol. They’re ugly and don’t love themselves. So they don’t want others to be happy or enjoy things, if it involves BTS something they are so sick of seeing everywhere.

Loving yourself, facing yourself, speaking yourself, are what BTS tries to help us all to do and is always working on themselves, and they even get really deep on the subject, “what does it mean to love myself”? They had a whole several year long era based on it with amazing songs for each album. Just sayin.
I’d rather dedicate my life to loving BTS and needing them to survive and seeing them as idols and examples (though I don’t really put them on a pedestal the way some might) rather than dedicating my life to hating on someone and even making videos about how much I hate them.
It can make you feel like you’re not allowed to love yourself or be happy in this dark world if you’re using someone else in a way that hurts no one to do that… Being an ARMY has allowed me to talk to many people and make some friends, and even in a Fire Emblem community I was once in on Facebook (literally the only non-toxic group there) I surprisingly found a couple other ARMYs there.
I didn’t touch on this yet, but their music videos are also so good and full of passion, imagery and emotion, plus good dances in a lot of them. So on that front as well, they aren’t lacking one bit. They are always unique and creative and can help with the hype surrounding an album or just world-building. Just like with anything, BTS can change a person’s life and help you become better. But some people want to make a fool out of you and disregard it as meaningless.
BTS is also known to read. A lot of people read, but not everyone. Reading is a sign of an intelligent/bright person, and that’s the only thing that makes me say this but no, they aren’t just brainless pretty faces singing what’s given to them and dancing like monkeys for the camera. And they’ve recommended good books to their fans, which some songs are even inspired by or named after.
They’ve each got their own individuality and charm that makes different fans all over the world fall in love or gravitate more towards one member or another, or just all of them. And no matter what the haters keep saying, BTS will never stop shining and spreading love and neither will I for that matter!

Is that long enough? I don’t think that’s long enough. xD

So here if you would like to know more about what the name BTS actually means, I got this from a random website called SEVENTEEN but it is true. Thank you for your time and thanks so much for reading this! I know it’s really emotive and full of ranting and probably all over the place, but I hope it helps you to understand what BTS is just a little bit. It’s really hard to put them into words, and I’m sure we all feel that way about a lot of artists and stuff. Anyway-

“The name “BTS,” actually stands for the words, “Bangtan Sonyeondan,” which translates to mean “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.” According to member J-Hope, the band’s name has a pretty deep meaning. “It has a profound meaning…‘Bangtan’ means to be resistant to bullets, so it means to block out stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations that aim on adolescents like bullets, to preserve the values and ideal of today’s adolescents,” he told Affinity Magazine.”

“In 2017, BTS announced a redesign of their logo and that the letters B-T-S would now have an extended meaning. BTS is also an backronym for Beyond The Scene. According to Soompi [probably the most popular Korean article publishing website], BTS’s entertainment agency said the new name symbolized youth who go against the grain to move forward and avoid settling.”

ps sorry again it’s so long

Also me too. When I’m not leveling up units, I use Forging Bonds as well as Tempest Trials for SP/HM farming. I agree that dancers and healers, even mages or some others can be quite squishy so if I find it getting difficult that’s where I default to Special Training for a while and try to get some of their skills upgraded as soon as I can for more offensive or defensive power.
(I don’t have Igrene but she is a baddie. She’s got good skills to inherit off if you do choose to do that I suppose. I can’t judge whether you should or shouldn’t. I wanted her so bad for a while, but I think if she had bad IVs I’d just give her skills away)

I see what you’re saying. And wow that’s also a lot. I must appreciate your +10 Fallen Mareeta! It’d be so great if I could get my Mareeta to +10, but everytime she pops up, I’m not able to get any merges whatsoever so I’m afraid of spending too much to get nothing.

I like that. It’s efficient. I pretty much only do stratums for quests and keep it separate from about everything else. I feel like I spend enough stamina as it is on the final stratum

I can’t even do the alt hell anymore lol. My one account takes up way too much time. My old 2nd acct. is the one I made when I came back, and I feel like my luck without spending money, especially with getting the most desirable 5 star focus units, was often higher. I would share some screenshots if I had them. But to name a few, I have Duo Lif (FREE SUMMON) and also 5 star Alfonse, and Duo Idunn (Also FREE SUMMON) oh and Plegian Katarina (FREE) plus I got OG Academy Lysithea from a random free summon at the same time as all of them. I have none of them on my main account, except the Alphonse I summoned was 4☆, and I had to spend a lot to get Spring Duo Idunn ): I was lucky enough not to be pity broken on the way to 5.00% before I finally got her. Interesting contrasts. But it’s the same as if you compare to another player too I guess. One reason I probably got luckier is I would spent 15 orbs on every banner without saving too much, compared to my main account where I would do one summon and save the rest. Your chances of missing a five star out of the five orbs are fairly high if you just free summon and leave.
I know there are a million orbs to gain from them but I always forget about chain challenges because I remember them being way too difficult in the past as much I wanted those orbs and the effort just makes me too tired to even do it. Linhardt is for sure my spirit animal. I’ll get around to them eventually I guess… I’ve got a lot more superunits than I used to (close to zero)

I guess xD

That’s so true!
I didn’t expect to see the word NiziU here either. Sorry but I’m slightly confused if you are saying they aren’t good or just that they were on the charts until that day or still are?
I’ve listened to all their music so far and it’s got that catchy kpop/Twice vibe to it, but I like it quite a bit and they had a strong debut. But I haven’t heard the rest of the latest single yet. Only the first track that was released. I’m not really in immersified in their fanbase though.
Why does everyone want my Henriette? :sob::sob::sob:

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I really feel that. And that is 11~ish years ago. But I remember talking to a friend about Awakening when it had only been out for a short number of years. I was still in high school when I got it, which was after Fates was announced. I think the conversation had to be like the year after I graduated or that same academic year. But the music and game were even nostalgic for us then, when Fates was still a baby. Conquest is always and forever my favorite song from the OST and when I play Awakening, I try not to show it too much favoritism on maps for diversity. But it’s got the perfect design as a song for that nostalgic feel and I love it so much. It has aged well.
Also Yonezu Kenshi has done vocaloid music before, but I’m not familiar with it. It’s from way earlier, but it’s how he started and now he’s topping charts in Japan. He does Post-Rock, and it sounds a little more like rock than most Jpop which usually has more rock elements than say, American Pop.
And Post-Rock’s like one of my favorite music genres of Japan. Yonezu also did a song that features Hatsune Miku. I love his music. Bootleg is probably my favorite album and full of his best works, all hard-hitting songs that are more universally-loved by outsiders even.

Takayan, who I mentioned in my post has some really edgy lyrics with lots of deep lyrics and meanings so I can relate there. He’s a hardcore rapper who also sings like an angel haha :fgo_thatbitchtar:

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I usually don’t have many unlevelled units around, but I’m starting to fall behind :catsupine:

I’ll catch up tho. Eventually

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