My luck is trash

Do I tried to get B!Lucina from the weekly revival banner, and… After something like 130 orbs I have got -atk/+res Nephenee… Well, I guess I happens to everyone, I can’t have good luck every time. So, I wanted to know what peaty breakers did you have. Also, should I keep try summon on the banner, or just give IR to someone?


reads title
looks at my entire summoning luck since I play


Really? You didn’t have good luck sometimes?
That’s sad


It happens


By the title, I already know this is gonna be a thread I relate with on a spiritual level
I did get Lucina on my free summon, but my point remains




Well rip, I’m with lain got julia on the free summon and that’s it, try again next time


There are 7 more days, tt and some other quests I haven’t finished, I will try later.
Well, everyone get a free summon 5* sometimes, I have got… A Sumia… For example



It happens :expressionless:,I free summoned M Byleth,but after 2 separate strokes of bad luck.


That sucks. Color sniping is designed to be very volatile. You probably missed out on at least one other 5* if you were just sniping blues with that many orbs. It’s even worse when the banner has off-focus odds. The unfortunate nature of the beast. :feh_deltheano:


Yeah, I was at something like 6% for focus and got a off focus with really bad IVs. I had a lot of luck with the weekly revival banners, but this time it’s really sucks. Well, I can get something like 180 orbs from the chain challenges, hope I will get her. I really can’t believe I am passing on the legendary banner this month… If I will have more orbs left I will try to get another Celica, but whatever, of passing keeps me from spending money on this game again I will do it. I don’t want it to end like last time with Chrom’s banner…


Hehehe, I can’t relate about your bad luck because I think I’m the luckiest user on GP! :feh_rein:

Bad luck can’t last forever (I Hope!). Rng is often a bitch…


What was your luckiest pull? 5 5* in a circle?

Edit: Or just everyone in gp has bad luck

2 5* is my max pull, I play since may 2017 and it happened twice since now…
You don’t know me because you aren’t an “old one” here so that’s normal, but I’m one of the unluckyest here :catcry:


My luck is coming to me once in 2 months, in the legendary banners. Other than that I don’t have any good luck. I did got 3 5* in a circle, so…
Hehehe, my luck is Trish but I’m the luckiest user in GP!
Now really, is everyone in GP has bad luck?

Not at all! At each and every banner you’ll see a ton of users showing their harvest and amazing luck, so much it is tempting me more often than not… Even if I know I have an absolute trash luck.


You know what? F*** it. I will just give someone IR, I don’t need this +3 to all stats buff. I had enough…

You’ll have others occasion to try to pull for her don’t worry.
And to add salt on your wounds : her prf give breath effect, not heavy blade like IR

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Oh right. I can use IR, but it will be risky on my team. There are a lot of units with 52+ atk (because I want Midori to get the effect), so maybe I will still try to get B! Lucina.

Edit: F*** it, I don’t care. B! Lucina can f*** herself with my f****** orbs I spent on her. Nephenee can f*** herself too.
Yeah, my angry mode, at very low level.