My Mail Orbs Have Been Demolished (But for Good Reason) (long post about nothing important)

Alright, so, as the title implies, my Mail Orbs have been reduced to zero. I have about 51 Orbs left of the 140-ish Orbs and they’re not actually in my Mail, so I’m starting over on that.

For the last week or so I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and wondering just what exactly I’m looking for in the units that I’m building and what exactly I’m willing to give them. I’ve also been doing some thinking of how exactly my builds differ from the norm.

As some of you may know, I’ve been saving my Orbs for Owain merges, but as time went on I started realizing that a lot of my builds on my units were… very similar. In fact you could even say the same, and the reason for this is because I wasn’t really using my Orbs to pull for a lot of the good (fodder) units we’ve gotten over the past… I dunno, month or so?

Kronya is coming soon, and I wanna build her (yes, I know. I made a whole other post about Delthea, and she’ll still be around, she’ll just be on hold for quite a while at +4… just like my Owain. :sob:) but I didn’t wanna give her the same builds that I give all of my other units, so I started summoning on other banners. I wanted to get Summer Lyn for Impact fodder and I wanted to try to get something from the 3H banner as far as fodder.

These are my notable summons

Brady Merge, thank Naga!

Vanguard fodder, my very first one.

Lull Spd/Def fodder. I know I’ve been kinda on the fence about Lull skills, but a few of the people here convinced me that they’re actually relatively decent when used correctly.

I dunno yet, to be honest. On one hand it’s Yarne, and his prf is actually really nice (just finally read it when I pulled him). On the other hand I dunno how often I’d use him and he’s got Atk/Spd Solo and Galeforce. I’ll have to think a bit on this one.

I’m not entirely happy with myself considering I was pretty hell bent on saving for Owain, but I think the emotion I’m feeling the most right now is satisfaction for what I did get. Now my Brady can get to +2, I can give my Donnel a new build, I’ve got some fodder for Kronya, and… I got Yarne who’s still a mystery.

Anyway, I’m done. Just wanted to type this for whatever reason.




Yarne is fantastic and also fantastic fodder. The objective correct thing t do though would be to switch his special to moonbow s you can hear his special line as often as possible.

If you really find somene you wanna dedicate those skills to, The Claude and Yarne’s fodder works really well together. Like if you put them both on a unit like Ranulf it’d be pretty fantastic



I’ve noticed that about my units awhile ago,so I started trying out new builds,I even summon more just for fodder honestly and no regrets I’ve made some powerful/effective builds even my swordies are built differently.

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This means I’ve more Orbs than you now.


But hey, nice summons! Seems it wasn’t a waste.

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Fuckin’ :clap: Brady :clap:

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The moment I saw Brady I knew it was all worth it, lmao. :heart:



Well… at least my mail orbs are still intact, tho now I won’t have no 600+ f2p orbs for FF.Corrin now

Edit: Also how do you plan to build Kronya?

This is how I’ll probably build her.

61 attack with everything active.

This is how I want to build her, but I don’t have the fodder for it.

Or maybe this to really push that one Vantage KO, although it may be pretty overkill depending on the unit.

I could probably work with something, like Candlelight+ Brady for the Null Counter effect, Dance him out of the way if need be, then proceed to chip damage without fear of Vengeful Fighter. :thinking:

Forgive me, but… No special? Did you forget to add it or something? They seem like fine builds otherwise.

I usually leave the Special empty when using the unit builder since, a lot of the time, it depends on the users preference.

I mean if it’s someone with 39 resistance or something then I’ll put Iceberg, but for Kronya I feel like it depends on what exactly you’re going for. I may even attempt a Miracle build, but that requires testing which I can’t exactly do at the moment.

But yeah, I usually do the same thing when other people are asking for builds on units that I don’t have, or have built. Just leave the Special empty.

How fascinating. First time I hear of someone doing that. That makes sense. Anyway, great builds fam. I can see them working wonderfully.



This is completely irrelevant but

your profile pic always makes me feel stupid :)

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Why is one of your builds special spiral with no actual special

I’ve already explained that, lol.

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That fist build I like it… I wonder why