My main team, but again


The main team is nearly complete but at same time, it is far from over!
Lucina and Ike support + Say’ri and Lyn support.


I’m trying to understand what the team name has to do with the units picked but I have no idea how they connect.

And your lack of magic makes me sad.


The synergy between the 3 brave units +Say’ri is semi-anchord on landing specials easily while trying to stay alive and go offensive on the next turn. The lack of a magic unit is a little crippling, but I seem to be fine with just one ranged unit.

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And that’s a “Fox and the Hound” reference? I might be forgetting how this movie went lol.

Or maybe it’s not supposed to be “Fox and the Hound” but just “Fox Hound” which is something entirely different. Lol.

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The team name is based off of the Metal Gear Solid series.

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Oooh, okay. That was an elite task force, yeah?

I’m extremely rusty when it comes to the franchise.


What happened to Roy
Why is he a girl
Where did his horse go


Okay so here me out…
Roy was sad that people were using his dad instead of him, so he became a waifu and, he became a fast sword lady, because everyone always loves those. Just so that people would use him.


He went through a gender change because he didn’t want people to have to pay for Fehpass to make him a decent unit. :eyes:

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That sounds like the backstory behind his Resplendent, tbh




I guess Lyn apparently is the new Roy?

The Fox Hound team was I think the team Solid Snake is on.