My Marth

He’s gettin’ there, and he’s super unique and fun to use! Thoughts/Suggestions for changes would be appreciated.


This is probably the most unique Marth I’ve ever seen. Nice :+1:



Nice looking Marth :+1:

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Nice Marth :hridexcited:


good build but I’d say fort def/res is better
gimme that SOLUTION

I was actually gonna go with a pretty similar build for my Leif when I get the fodder. Looking good!

Him impressed alot by this Marth.

10/10 build

I don’t have fort def/res

A very nice Marth! Best character!

One of us! One of us!

Very interesting Enemy Phase Marth. Works like a charm I imagine. This could be him maxed out!

Personally, as you get more merges, his speed will get a lot better. So swap Darting Stance for Warding Stance to balance out Def and Res at 35 (41 each with Def/Res Solo). Looks like this. Very Nice