My Most Competitive/Fun Teams

I’ve been playing legends for well over a year on and off, and after playing a lot of PVP over the last few months I’m finding that a lot of my teams are either struggling with synergy or are just getting boring to play with. I was wondering in my account’s current state what team would carry me farthest in ranked PVP. I really dont care about meta teams as much as I care about enjoying my time so any team that might be fun to use please post as well. A little thing to note is I like advanced play meaning teams with characters with unique tech.

Hi !
So, let’s start with fun teams that you can build :

Trinity ssj ! :
Fighters : Bardock ssj (blue), Vegito LF, Gogeta ssj (green)
Bench : Raditz EX, Goku ssj3 (purple), Goku Zenkai (red)

God ki (green cards) :
Fighters : Whis EX, Goku god (purple), Goku blue (blue)
Bench : Vegeta god (yellow), Goku god (red), Vegeta blue purple)

Waifus :
Fighters : A21, A21 Majin, A18
Bench : A17 EX (green), A18 EX (purple), Caulifla ssj (purple)

Fighters : Ginyu (Goku) (red), Reacum EX (blue), Burter EX (yellow)
Bench : Jeice EX (red), Guldo EX (green), Ginyu EX (purple)

I will avenge Kulilin :
Fighters : Angry Goku LF, Krilin EX (purple), Goku Zenkai
Bench : Ginyu (Goku) (red), Raditz EX, Goku kaioken (blue)

And meta teams :

Movie team :
Fighters : Bojack SP, Gohan transformable (yellow), Vegeta transformable (blue)
Bench : Broly dbs SP (purple), Broly dbs SP (red), Goku android movie SP (green)

Androids :
Fighters : A21 blue, A21 purple, Perfect cell (yellow)
Bench : Super A13 (red), Super A17 (green), A17 EX (green)

Regen :
Fighters : Baby vegeta2, Buu zenkai, Perfect cell (yellow)
Bench : Buuhan, Janemba SP (red), Janemba SP (purple)

Fusion :
Fighters : Vegito LF, Gogeta dbs (blue), Gogeta ssj (green)
Bench : Vegito (red), Gotenks ssj3, Gotenks ssj (purple)

Saiyans :
Fighters : Angry Goku LF, Shallot, Goku ssj4
Bench : Goku ssj3 (purple), Goku Zenkai, Vegeta ssj GT (yellow)

Godki saiyan
Fighters : Goku rosé, Goku god (purple), Goku blue (blue)
Bench : Vegeta god (yellow), Goku god (red), Goku ssj3 (purple)

Hybrid :
Fighters : Trunks transfo (purple), Gohan transfo (yellow), Future Gohan transfo (green)
Bench : Gotenks ssj3, Gohan ssj (blue), Ultimate Gohan

Family Goku :
Fighters : Angry Goku LF, Goku ssj4, Gohan transfo (yellow)
Bench : OtherWorld ssj Goku (yellow), Goku kaioken (blue), Pan SP (blue)

GT :
Fighters : Baby Vegeta 2, Goku ssj4, Goku GT (red)
Bench : Vegeta ssj GT (yellow), Goku ssj GT (green), Raditz EX

Thank you very much, I look forward to trying out these teams :).

A fun team I use is

Core: Sp Super Saiyan Rose, Sp purple Super Saiyan God Goku, and Sp Raditz.
Bench: Sp yellow Bardock, Sp blue Namek saga Goku, and Shallot.