My new +10 friends

I just wanted to celebrate getting the final merges of my dashing duo: Mae and Boey! Wooooo! Their builds aren’t very expensive, but I’m still a fan of them both.

And it’s only polite to ask how everyone else’s merge projects are going. So… how are your merge projects going?


Recently gave her a merge. Still waiting for 200k feathers and 9 more copies to make her +10.

Put on hold until I get Red Hot Ducks and more copies of him.

Put on hold until I get CC fodder.


Hey nice job! They’re looking pretty crisp. :ok_hand:

As for me,I have to wait another…5 or 6 weeks I think? Of weekly Grails to finally finish her,which would make my very first Grail unit complete. :+1:


Yes excellent choice :feh_maethink:

Bath Camilla scares me a little but she’s looking great! I hope there are some bonus grail quests for you in the next month to make it faster! :hridexcited:


Join the +10 Mae club. :hridexcited:

Haven’t got any merge projects going on, I’m hoping the next TT will be someone good as all my orbs have been going to H!Myrrh. (2 copies back to back after 550 orbs, then put another 40 for nothing)


Yeah,her art is not good at all,it’s actually pretty bad,but I’m known for my love of Camilla so of course,I was gonna build her up! (At least,I hope that the art was the thing you were talking about.)

Yeah,hopefully,it can happen. I still haven’t got the grails from the present Forging Bonds so maybe,that will give me a week less to wait.


Gasp, I hope the +10 Mae club has cute tshirts I can wear :scream:

And sometimes it’s quite nice not to have a merge project. It let’s you roll around in a delicious amount of feathers. Mmm.


It is the art ;D It’s a shame, because some of her other art is really nice.
I can definitely understand character loyalty though! I’ve got my ~2000+ orbs saved and ready for when Anna (hopefully) appears next week :hridexcited:


Thoses two are my lastest merges projects, It feel good to have 3/4* merges projects after a long time!

The projects

Still don’t have any copies…

After that… Garon is now my next grails projects. And I won’t list my 5* exclusives projects because they rarely gets merges and I’ve a lot of 5* exclusives I would like to merges…


My current projects… Well, these.

She’s my main project.

She’ll tug along for the ride

And so will he


Lucina is definitely a fun choice! I spent ~500 orbs on her last banner and got her to +6. I’m glad she’s coming back in the weekly banners again!

(I can’t work out how to hide details on mobile so sorry for the disruptive build picture)

I haven’t really seen anyone merging Abel before. Is that the build you’ll keep on him once you have more copies?


Congrats!!, that’s a nice Mae :eyes: & thicc wall of a Boey :ok_hand:t2:.

So, I noticed I just surpassed 200 blue DFs so Caeda got the remaining one :+1:

(She can still get more skills but I think she’s pretty much finished now)

And my currently ongoing projects:

Kagero still lacks a few skills to be complete, I don’t have many skills to fod.
Rinea only misses [Distant Def 4] for now, I have a F!Morgan ready to donate her [Blárserpent+] :inherit:

Oh and Rinea got the merge today! :birbpeek:


Pretty alright. Just completed Arden recently of course.

Don’t have one going on right now really for my main. There is my ongoing L!Lucina I guess, who I managed to get 1 merge for on Leifs banner.

Eliwood is coming along nicely on my second account though.


Ohhh you’re doing Kagero? phrasing damnit What’s your plan for her?


They’re some good looking pals! Especially Rinea! Lack of skills is always a bit disappointing, but at least you know she’s ready to learn them whenever they appear!

I banned myself from using dragonflowers until Anna came out… so it’s pretty satisfying to see so many on your units :hridexcited:


Yes, she’s so absurdly good for my playstyle! I am very much an all-in on one unit, so my entire team is built to support my powerhouse unit. But having Drag slaying and strong stats by herself is also so good, and being a Chill Attack sponge as well is nice.

Abel is more of a homage to my old, old, old Abel. Back in no Skill Inheritance days, he was my anti-meta unit. Sword hate, able to KO Takumi without retaliation, and pretty easy to support sincethe green slots back then were lackluster. So, I want to bring my old superstar to the front again. As for build, that build he has there was my TT cav build… But dunno if I’ll do something else on him later C:

I saw your Arden! What a strong boy- I think he and Boey would be good friends.

I’m jealous of your Lucina too :sob:


I always like the idea of bringing back an old faithful. He’ll be back to beat up the meta once more :muscle:


Yes!!, I hope to take all her iterations to +10 :hugs:. For now this is the only one merged (I have the other two without merges). It’ll take a while but she has a bright future!, & so plans, I thought of this:

I plan to give her both an offensive tank + slight support role, though I may use [Spd Smoke 3] instead :thinking:, what do you think?

Thank you!, yes specially since I hardly summon (been saving for +10 Idoun lately, so far doing great :+1:) but yes she’ll learn many things eventually (like the others) :+1: :+1:.

Oh!, I hope she gets an alt or two, been pretty interested to see the Awakening version, I like her design there :birbpeek:. Thanks!, seeing done projects like that has a nice feeling :) I like to see my favourites getting somes love but ofc other characters as well :ok_hand:t2: