My Next Heroic Grail Unit Project! - Voting Poll (Ends 7:59 PM PT and 10:59 PM ET, May 11th!)

Hey, it’s Loresome. While I’m currently working on Zephiel, since he’s my current grail merge project, I’m not gonna start another grail merge project, right now. However, I’ve been thinking of the units I’d want to do after I’m done with Zephiel. So I’ve picked the units I’m willing to invest in, after Zephiel. So, this isn’t me asking for suggestions on other grail units, this is me asking which grail unit you’d like me to invest in the most. So, who would it be?

  • Legion: Masked Maniac
  • Panne: Proud Taguel
  • Berkut: Prideful Prince
  • Saias: Bishop of Flame
  • Finn: Lance of Legend

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Once one of these units win, I’ll make a follow-up topic for build suggestions or my ideas for them. With that being said, remember to vote and explain why you picked the character you did. Thanks!

Do you prefer any of these characters as units? Is there a color you need badly? What builds are you planning for them?

Also, how the hell are you gonna get so many grails?

Panne because I think u could do something interesting with her.
U make good builds

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I beat you to it, @Eflakis.

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I went with Panne as I think she’s highly underrated. With merges and a simple Fury build she can reach some pretty crazy stats. I think she deserves more love.

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@Eflakis I’m not asking to invest in all of these. This poll is for later. And I’m lacking in green and blue, so yeah.

Well,just like Legion says: Legion is many,many,many,yes,yes,yes! I think the answer is clear :+1: I also really like that guy,he’s funny :+1:


Also, this ends soon! I forgot to say that!

kicks a pebble around Maaaan, Tobin is never in any of these threads. At least Berkut is here… Glum face

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I feel like all of these units are ones that haven’t really been built, or at least not from what I’ve seen.

I’d say Berkut. He has interesting stats and you could do a lot with him.

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We all know that we couldn’t make a better Tobin than yours, why would we even try.


This oddly made me feel a lot better. XD


Also, if you’d like, post a build of any of these units, showing how good they can be.

Neither is Haar. Everybody sleeping on Haar!


Very funny joke, Haar Haar Haar.


This isnt ending soon, but I’m suprised most people picked Panne. I thought people would choose Berkut. Also, I forgot who said the initial comment, but yeah, I chose these units, because not many use them, and I’m lacking in green and blue units rn.

Panne is probably better mixed phase. But Berkut is way better enemy phase and can offer some intense mixed bulk.

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I’d say Panne, since you already have a unit that lacks mobility wouldn’t Panne be great? I mean, she can get very tanky at +10 which indicates that she can be built several ways. Also she has workable Spd that can get really high too. It kind of sucks that she is a blue unit instead of green/colourless.

If she is transformed into her beast form, she essentially gains +9/3/7/3 (Atk/Spd/Def/Res) to all of her stats which actually lives up the the awakening effects of beast stones. She can be a great Galeforcer with her high Atk and Spd. Also her weapon has effectiveness against Cavalry foes, meaning Glimmer + Heavy Blade set ups could be usable.
(At high merges). I’m planning to build one up myself andI might abuse the stacking of invisible stats. There is one problem that stands in my way: Fallen Delthea. But Panne gains more stat buffs.

I might build her like this:

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While I’m confused on what builds I should give some of these units, here are some ideas (the units not here are not there, cause I’m lazy)

Currently building Panne with moonbow, spd/def solo, mystic boost, def smoke and atk smoke seal. It works wonder against other cavs and armors.
Also @LuteTheGod, it’s +9/3/7/7 on initiation only.