My next three +10 units :D


i have finished one of my most wanted merge targets - Bridal Micaiah: (on her first Banner i got her to +5)

I also decided to do Harm. Tiki to +10: (it cost me everything -> money and menthal health - BLUE HELL!!!)
(i got not a single +SPD version)

During the summoning i got that many Ilyana, that i also make her +10 ^^"
(i got not a single +SPD version)

What do you say about the skills of the units? :smiley:


My DuoMicaiah and Har!Tiki have the same builds. Still not sure about Tiki’s support skill–still mulling Repo–but she’s a beast in Vantage range.

Went with Atk Smoke on Micaiah’s C-skill just to give her some buffer while she tries to get in Vantage range, but she’s going to now be my Broadleaf Har!Mia’s support unit in Astra AR-O


Congratulations, they all look great.

For Micaiah+Sothe, if you’re not using the [Brazen Atk/Res 3] seal, I recommend it, it goes well with that build, and [Iceberg] special or [Glimmer] if she focuses on dealing with a lot of cavalry/armor units.

The attack asset is fine on Tiki+Ninian if you’ll also use a set like this on her, a {brazen} seal would be good on them but [Fierce Stance] will do too.

For Ilyana, it’s harder because there aren’t many weapons that could go well with this build but [Blárserpent+] and [Flora Guide+] go well here.

They’ll still do pretty well though, at least give Micaiah+Sothe a seal befitting of the build.


I gave my +10 Duo Micaiah Pulse Smoke and I do really enjoy it!

As for Ilyana, I went +spd with her and rolled with things like Swift Sparrow 3 and Lull Spd/Res allowing her to hit much better levels of speed that people would expect. I might build a second Ilyana and go +res on that copy.


Oh man that’s nice this makes it your 3rd +10 duo/harmonic hero right ? I use your duo Idunn and she’s quite powerful.


That Ilyana kinda looks like mine, just I have Spd but I can understand for the Res boon for 170 bst. But For the build it looks good for mix phase



I’d go with Pulse Smoke on Duo Micaiah for AR or perhaps Res Smoke to help with Vantage sweeping. Probably her ideal C will be Atk/Res Rein when that comes out.

The others look great!


Atk/Res Rein is out, though. It’s on Plumeria
Edit: Sorry if I’m sounding rude

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Congrats! :feh_flaynsmile:

They all look very good. I would go for some sort of mixed phase tome on Ilyanna since her build is mixed phase. Flora Guide or owl tome (if you like them) or something


Oh right! Not rude at all! I just immediately replaced that on Plumy and forgot it existed. Even better for Duo Mic then.


I have this duo/Harmonic heroes at +10:



That Ilyana kinda looks like mine*

Really? xD


Flora Guide or owl tome (if you like them) or something

I’ll try it :smiley:

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Kinda yes when it comes to my bulk build

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what do you use for your offensive build? :D

ATK/SPD Push 4?
Special Spiral?



I’m still waiting on getting Ruptured Sky for her


Would Res Smoke 3 not be better on her C Slot for an offensive Build? :smiley:

i had to read this twice

What do you mean with this? (my main language is german xD)
And my english skills are not that good^^"

Some times it would depend if you have a dancer on your team or other units who attacks the Res statg, but I just slap Atk Smoke on every one to help them tank a little bit more on EP even if its a Offesensive build if I have nothing else in that slot that will help them better

The Harm, which you meant for harmonized, i read as harm, as in to injure, due to the period and the shortening.

So it sounded like you decided to injure something, if the sentence ended at that period.