My Official alternate account is born!

This is the very first 10x roll.

Why did i start this account?

Because in my main God only knows how many Headhunting Permits and Orundrum i threw at Waai Fu, never getting her.

But now… now she is finally mine, the ingrateful tiger.

If that means having to start a secondary account…so be it.

Waai Fu came home, and a Mostima too!

(I still have to roll my granted beginner 6* too :innocent: )

Now roll a silverash for that double swching swching meme!

Never managed to roll Silverash…that guy evades me.

Instead, i’ll do what i can to farm 45 Yellow certificates and buy Project Red in the shop.

This way, i’ll have all the Fast-Redeploy Operators in the game.

That would open interesting and different way to play and clear missions

Today is a good day for Wolves.

Did a 10x roll using the Originite prime from early chapters first clear reward:

Got me best crazy wolf as the 5* guaranteed operator :smiley:

Then, in that banner i threw my 3 Headhunting Tickets.

Second Ticket got me Best Wolf :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now i can ambush enemyes with the Fast-Redeploy combo: Red - Waai Fu

That’s nice and all, but thought you wanted Ch’en?

Gogo reroll. It’ll probably take you all week, but at least then you’ll have her.

No, you are wrong.
I want Ch’en in my main account, and i’ll have her with the guarantee anniversary pack.

I created this account because i wanted Waai Fu, and i got her.
So now i’m using this account too.

I don’t want to get Ch’en in an alternate account, because:

1- even if i get her, i would miss all the operators of my main account

2- it would take so much time and rerolling efforts that i do not want to go crazy

For big brain plays, add your main with your alt acc and you can use units from both via sharing, and you can even rotate in who you want.

And this is my Guaranteed 6* roll.

Nice. I had 0 Defenders, and now i got the best one of the game (even if nothing can be better than Nearl)

Also, a Gitano to pair up with Mostima, for caster AoE combo. Good.


Got Bison finally, with my heavilly undertrained team, winning on a Elite Level 10 Map!

So proud of my accomplishment :innocent:

This was my team, plus a friend Nearl Elite level 1

It was sooooo damn hard :smile:

But after 8 tries i got the strategy right, and made it.

Key to victory was timing the deployment of the Defenders.


Because with my weak party, the Brass Knuckles mafiosos destroy my party save for the Defenders.

BUT! Time the deployment of defenders bad and they will end up fighting the Bully, letting the Brass Knuckles Mafiosos slip through my defenders and obliterate my other operators.

The final touch was Amiya placed in a way to deal with Brass Knuckles Mafiosos.

So damn hard. So proud of myself :smile:

(Nah. Not really. It’s only a silly game, afterall. But this feels nice nonetheless)